I was really hoping today would be a more positive day than yesterday. I started out yesterday morning feeling very positive but somewhere around mid-morning hormones kicked in and I felt very emotional. Today I am still slightly emotional but I've got some killer cramps so its really hard to be … Continue reading

Monday Morning

It's Monday again so its back to the daily grind at work. I was really wanting to blog this weekend but our home computer is possessed. It is thankfully going to the "doctor" today so hopefully it will be back to running normal again soon! I had a very good weekend and had a lot of time to relax … Continue reading

Never Let Go

Matt Redman - You Never Let GoEven though I walk through the valley of the shadow of deathYour perfect love is casting out fearAnd even when I’m caught in the middle of the storms of this lifeI won’t turn back I know You are nearAnd I will fear no evilFor my God is with meAnd if my God is with … Continue reading

Let the games begin!

I am officially 1 dpiui and my nerves are already tore up! It doesn't help that my butt is still extremely sore. I just can't seem to keep my mind off of anything else. I am waiting for a huge report to finish running here at work so I thought I might be able to clear my mind so I can stay … Continue reading

IUI Mission Accomplished!

We had the IUI this morning around 9:45am. John couldn't be with me because of a children's event at church and I so wish that he could have been there to hold my hand. The whole process was definitely far from comfortable! I felt like I was some sort of science experiment! My doctor's office … Continue reading