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Wednesday Weigh-in – Spring Fling

It’s that time again!  I’m going to be honest that I was really REALLY not looking forward to today’s weigh-in.  I had a pretty bad flare over the weekend and when I’m in a flare I really don’t focus on nutrition  and I just have not been on my game the last couple days.

So I got up this morning to work out when I really wanted to hit snooze a couple more times and hopped on the scale.  156.2 to my surprise.  So a loss of .6 lbs.  Sure its nothing to write home about but it was a nice surprise.  And it gave me the swift kick in the rear to to get with the program.  I am noticing a difference in the way my clothes fit though which is a welcome change!

My workout this morning consisted of Jay Johnson’s Boot Camp and let me tell you that that man is a beast!  My DVD player didn’t want to cooperate this morning so thanks to digital cable and Exercise TV on demand I had quite a selection to choose from but I definitely see myself doing this workout again!  It was killer but if it gives me a bod like some of those girls on the workout I will stick with it!

Here are the details:

Starting weight: 164.4

Challenge Starting weight: 156.8
Challenge Goal:  148.0

Today’s weigh-in:  156.2
Change:  -0.6lbs

Overall Change: -8.2



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