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Wednesday Weigh-in!

Rethink Your Shrink!Today was weigh-in day for the week!  I wasn’t sure what to expect but the screen read 163.2 which puts me down .2 lbs from last week.  It isn’t as much as I would have liked to have seen but at least its going in the right direction!  I didn’t necessarily stick to my plan over New Years (which included way too much nachos and Dr. Pepper) but I’m back on the wagon and I’ve started out writing down EVERYTHING I eat (and I mean everything) to help keep me accountable.  I am also trying to plan my meals in advance as much as possible.  Starting the end of this month, life is going to be getting a little (ok a lot) crazy so I want to have some habits in place before that point.  I will be doing CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) at a local hospital along with one more grad class plus work full-time plus chase after our beautiful now mobile child (she is a speed demon!).   At least I know it will all be over May 17th!  Graduation Day!  Yay!  But ladies, just let me give you a warning.  All of that stuff that you hear about your metabolism going to pot after menopause—it’s true!  I swear my metabolism has come to a screeching halt!  Enjoy it while you got it!

As a side note, I was finally able to see my rheumatologist this morning.  What possessed me to schedule the appointment at 8am when I knew good and well it takes an hour to get there is beyond me but it was a good appointment.  He is so affirming.  Savella has helped my muscle pain from fibro but not the joint pain (which has gotten much worse).  The Mobic he prescribed wasn’t doing anything so he is switching me to another anti-inflammatory (Ultracet) in hopes that it will help.  If that doesn’t work, we will be upping my Savella dosage.  I love this man.  He is so affirming when it comes to my pain.  He knows that my pain is real and assured me that I am not crazy (ok…I may be crazy…but not make-up-the-pain-for-attention-crazy).  He works awesome with my ob/gyn who does all of my primary care.  Plus he sent me home with a bag full of samples of Savella (that stuff is not cheap!).  Seriously if anyone in NC needs  a recommendation for a rheumatologist, let me know!  I drive an hour to see him and its worth it every time!  Hopefully we can get a handle on my joint pain so it will allow me to work out more!

Starting weight:  164.4
3 month goal (3/9/10): 149.4

Last weigh-in:  163.4
Today’s weigh-in:  163.2
Change:  -0.2

Overall Change:  -1.2

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