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Wednesday Check-in: Holiday Hoedown #4

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

This is going to be another short check-in. It has been a crazy day and I’m posting a lot later than usual. We had our Youth Christmas party at our house tonight (my hubs is a Youth Pastor) so we had 30 teenagers at our house so between the preparations and the madness of the party (you can see by yesterday’s pictures that our house isn’t that big!) I am completely spoonless. So here is the rundown of my goals:

Here are the results of my challenge goals:

  1. Stay off the scale except on Wednesdays for check-in! This is all about non-scale success, yo! – Check. Maintained this week at 125!
  2. Operation Quit-Soda-For-Good. Its time to get rid of the chemical-ridden deliciousness for good! There are plenty of other delicious drinks that are actually GOOD for me that I could be drinking! Plain awful. Hubs brought home Cherry Dr. Pepper and seriously its like poison. Yummy delicious addicting poison.
  3. Do low-impact cardio 3-4 times a week. This part I feel like I have really just checked out on. I did a total of 30 minutes over the course of a week and thats just sad. I am really trying to rest while I can (I go back to work next week) and the frigid weather has been rough on my joints (I’m not used to weather in the teens in NC in December! I don’t know how you Northerners do it!) But still, I need to make the time. I am hoping that when I am back in a routine I will be able to stick with it.
  4. Add strength training and/or yoga, 2-3 times a week. See Above.

Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 164.4

Challenge starting weight: 125.4

Last week’s weigh-in: 125
Today’s weigh-in: 125
Change: -0

Challenge Change: -.4

Overall Change: -39.4


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7 comments on “Wednesday Check-in: Holiday Hoedown #4

  1. Missy says:

    My hubby is a youth pastor too! We rarely have youth events at our house because we just don’t have enough room, but I wish we could.

    • Jamee says:

      Its so nice to “meet” another YP wife! We were definitely busting at the seems so we’ve agreed on 2 youth events at the house a year (one summer and at Christmas). We had so much fun that we wish we could do it more but we just don’t have the space to do it regularly. Maybe one day! 🙂

  2. Brooke says:

    great job maintaining! 🙂 what have you tried in replacement of soda? my problem is that i have no trouble getting my water intake in and i don’t want yet another glass of water for dinner.

  3. Thea @ Shrinking Jeans says:

    The holidays are tough. There isn’t any shame in maintaining!

    BUT GET RID OF THE POISON! And don’t dispose of it in your tummy.

    • Jamee says:

      I am very proud to be maintaining and feel like I am at the perfect weight. Now its just time to step it up making better choices in other areas and time for some non-scale victories. The poison will be leaving the house!

  4. roo says:

    Great job maintaining!


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