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Monday Project – The Final Countdown

Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday ProjectI cannot believe that the Rethink Your Shrink Challenge is already over!  Thankfully there is another challenge just around the corner so that helps!

This challenge has been really amazing.  The support of the Sisterhood is amazing and I know that I would have given up if it wasn’t for this amazing group of ladies.  Here are just some questions of reflection of the last 7 weeks:

What happened over the past 7 weeks?  Seven weeks doesn’t seem like much but it has really made a difference.  Not only do I see a difference on the scale and how my clothes fit but I definitely see that I have a more positive outlook.  I actually feel like I can do this.  I can lose the weight.  I can achieve my goals.  I still have my “my body hates me” days but they are few and far between.

Did you move more? I definitely didn’t get as much movement in as I would have liked considering the damage that my “movement” down the stairs caused 3 weeks ago! 

How much did you lose?  I am down 5lbs from the start of the challenge!  I went from 164.4 to 158.4!  I think its the first time I’ve been under 160 since my hysterectomy!

How much did you gain in knowledge and preparation?  I gained so much knowledge through this experience!  These Monday Projects have been amazing in that they are more than about physical change.  “Change your body, change your mind” was not just a catchy slogan but a true statement about the Rethink Your Shrink challenge. 

How did you do when you had an off-week? I definitely had a couple off-weeks and there were times that I really (REALLY) wanted to give up but I got back up, dusted myself off, and got back on track.

Where did you find motivation?  Thanks to this challenge I was definitely able to find motivation within myself to keep moving forward!  Of course having the Sisterhood cheering for me helped too 🙂

Did you like this challenge? Absolutely!

Here is my “after” picture (click


I love hearing from you!

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