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Monday Project #4 – My Letter to Me

Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday Project
Dear Self – 2010,

What an amazing year 2010 has been for you!  The year started off a little rocky but you quickly got a handle on it and away you went!  After some trial and error, you and your rheumatologist finally found the perfect combination to relieve a lot of your fibromyalgia symptoms!  You still had some down days but those were so very few in comparison to your good days!  You finally feel like you have some control back in your life!  You have been able to develop a healthy diet and maintain an exercise program!  You can celebrate in your “skinny” jeans!

Shortly after the year  began, you got to celebrate the finalization of Abby’s adoption!  After months of impatiently waiting, the news came!  She is an official member of the family and you’ve got the birth certificate to prove it!  She has grown so much!  You had a great birthday celebration with your family and friends.  She started walking and never looked back!  Abby is a vivacious little girl and brings joy to everyone she meets.  She continues to be a portrait of God’s grace and love and every day you have been reminded of the miracle of life.

You can’t forget the wonderful date of May 17th!  You and John are officially seminary graduates!  And what better way to celebrate success than with a family vacation to the beach!  Springtime has been very eventful between celebrating Abby’s 1st birthday, graduation, and your 5 year wedding anniversary!  So time at the beach is just the ticket!  Did I mention that you were able to wear a two-piece at the beach?  You also began the journey towards your dream job by starting a residency program (where you actually use your degree!).

Now that grad school is out of the way, there was so much more time to spend as a family.  You and John were able to go on dates (gasp!) and you took family day-trips to the zoo and to the mountains.  You began the search for the perfect home!  No more apartment life for you!  Family has always been a priority but now it is so much richer.  You are able to come home from work and spend time with John and Abby and not have to worry about homework!

2010 was definitely an amazing year for you and your family!  Just think in 2011 you get to start the adoption process again!


Self – 2011


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