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Drumroll please……

Rethink Your Shrink!Today’s weigh-in results…..161.4!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! I was so excited when I saw the number! All of my hard work this past week paid off!

And of course if you haven’t noticed, my blog got a makeover! I am so excited with the results. Seriously, April over at April Showers Blog Design is A.MAZ.ING!

My goals for the upcoming week are to keep writing everything down (since it is proving itself worthwhile) and to add more workouts. My new medication is really doing a good job at taking away the pain. Unfortunately it can also make me extremely nauseated so I have to be sure to eat something solid when taking it. I didn’t do that yesterday and ended up spending half the day in bed.  I had a piece of toast (light wheat) with my protein shake this morning so hopefully that will do the trick!  I hope all of my other sisters had a great weigh-in!

Starting weight:  164.4
3 month goal (3/9/10): 149.4

Last weigh-in:  163.2
Today’s weigh-in:  161.4
Change:  -1.8

Overall Change:  -3

I love hearing from you!

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