Surrounded By Stars: The Story Behind My Tattoo & My Faith



If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you know I got a shiny new tattoo! This tattoo makes tattoo #4 and it means the most to me by far. It is one that I have wanted for a really long time. I had always planned on having it done on my abdomen/rib area but thanks to the roadmap of incision scars that now cover my abdomen, it kind of knocked out that option. What little space was available, I was worried since I have the worst luck that they would have to cut right though it with the next surgery (which according to my surgeon major surgery should happen again within 3-4 years tops).

I have talked about Skillet in many posts and how much their songs have impacted my life. I love so many of their songs but “Whispers In The Dark” is like my life song. It has gotten me through so many hard days (and nights). My favorite line is, “When darkness comes, I’ll light the night with stars” (Skillet, Whispers In the Dark).

So when it came time to get my tattoo, that is the lyric of the song that I knew I wanted to get. Since my abdomen was no longer an option, I chose to have it done around my collarbone/shoulder area so I could see it everyday as a reminder. I absolutely love the way it turned out. I had the tattoo artist design the tattoo to follow the curves of my body and to place the tattoo in such a way that I can build onto it either down my back or down my shoulder if I get the itch for another tattoo in the future (because we all know I will – maybe something like this or another Skillet lyric ). You can’t tell from this pictures is that there are two more stars that follow the lyric up and over my shoulder. I absolutely love the way it turned out:


The reason I love this lyric so much is because it reminds us that no matter how dark our lives seem to be, God always leaves reminders of His love all around us as beacons of light to remind us that we are not alone and all is not lost if we only look up.

[bctt tweet=”No matter how dark our lives seem to be, God leaves reminders of His love all around us if we only look up.”]

Despite the struggles and challenges we may face, we still have so much to be thankful for and so many blessings to count. We are constantly surrounded by stars.

Inspired by this, I want to do a weekly Instagram campaign on Fridays called “Surrounded by Stars” using the hashtag #surroundedbystars where we can each post things that we are thankful for, blessings we have received that week, or people who have made an impact in our lives that week. I hope you all will participate!


Do you have any tattoos (or planning to get any) that have a special meaning to you?