I Have A First Grader: First Day of School 2015

I have absolutely no idea how that is even possible that Monday was the first day of school which meant that I had a first grader. People always told me that time will fly by when I had a child but I never believed them. I do now.

To mark how grown up she was now that she was going into first grade, she decided she wanted to get her ears pierced (we let her make the decision). She didn’t even shed a tear. I did when I saw how much the earrings she picked out were but they were Elsa and I wanted to make it a special day so we went for it.

So with newly pierced ears and a new Jasmine backpack, Abby set off for her first day of school and headed down the first grade hall.

First Day of First Grade


In addition to the morning shots, after school we decided to head over to a nearby field and catch some quick shots with this adorable floral suitcase I stumbled upon at Dollar General. As soon as I saw it, photo ideas started running through my brain!

Of course, once I turned on the camera, she turned on the charm:


She was a little more anxious this year on her first day of school than last year but that quickly passed and she has been totally rocking it ever since. She’s been blowing through sight word lists like a rockstar (the goal is 1 a week and she has done 4 already). I’m a proud mama, what can I say?

I think its going to be an awesome year and there will so many fun memories ahead! I will end the post with this bit of cuteness – the progression of her first days of school from PreK to 1st grade (quick someone pass me some tissues!):



I hope you all are having an amazing and pain free day! Talk to you soon!


Ready For Kindergarten

I have a hard time believing that Abby is already old enough to start school and ready for kindergarten! It seems like yesterday I was announcing that I was finally a mom and shared the good news about finally becoming a family of three! Now I am spending my afternoons in the car rider pickup line waiting on a head full of curls to come bouncing out the front door of the school!

Our school system does a stagger start for the kindergarteners to help them adjust to the new schedule and new environment which I think is great. Her teacher was able to focus on 7 kids at a time and show them where everything goes and how everything works. God bless kindergarten teachers (and all teachers for that matter) for being able to handle the moods and drama of five year olds. I have one and I want to pull my hair out sometimes so I cannot begin to imagine dealing with 20. Especially 20 over-stimulated, over-tired five year olds the first couple weeks. When I did my student teaching (K-5 music), I had two classes of kindergarteners at a time (meaning 40-50 kids at a time) and I have no idea how I survived. I was much younger then. And a lot more healthy. Makes a difference.

Even with the migraines that have been plaguing me the last 4-6 weeks, I was determined to make the first day of school a special day. I am not an overly crafty person (creative but not crafty) so I took to Pinterest for some fun but simple ideas.

Is it just me or do you think the Pinterest era has created unrealistic expectations? That is another post for another day.

One of the things that I loved about Abby’s school is that they sent home a special card that had a poem and a little bag of confetti. The poem was about the first day of school and said that if you placed the confetti under your pillow you would have sweet dreams and great sleep to kick off the new year.

I think it worked:

Getting Ready for Kindergarten


Her first day started nice and early but once we got her fully awake, she was really excited about the day to come (none of the Millers are morning people). I printed off a First Day of Kindergarten chalkboard print and probably took a bazillion pictures on the front porch. I loved having the First & Last Day pictures from PreK to see how much she had grown! She picked out her first day of school outfit and chose a sparkly Twilight Sparkle skirt. The girl loves her sparkles and her Ponies (her cousin got her hooked). I also snuck out balloons to put in the backseat for her ride to school (that may have been her favorite part of the morning). John’s family had the tradition of going out for breakfast the first day of school every year so we were excited to do the same. When we got to school, she walked in like she owned the place:

Ready for Kindergarten


After school I had a little surprise waiting at home. We had a little “you survived the first day of kindergarten” party (maybe more like your mom and dad survived the first day of kindergarten).  I used the same picture frame from the morning pictures as the centerpiece and put a note, flashcards, and glitter on the table and attached a few streamers to the world’s most ugly chandelier (one day we will get around to replacing that horrid thing!).

Ready for Kindergarten


It was an absolutely memorable day and while there are tears with watching my baby girl grow up, I am also excited to see her grow into her own little person and to see what God has in store for her! Her first full week is next week so hopefully the excitement continues!

Do you have any special traditions with your children for the start of the year or did you have any special traditions growing up? Would love to hear about them!


First Day of School!

First Day of School 2013

I cannot believe that Abby had her first day of Pre-K today! Despite the early wake up, the day started off fabulously with a little girl excited to start her “big girl” school, learn new things, and make some new friends! She is growing up way too fast!

It is hard to believe that around this same time four years ago, I was heading back to work after maternity leave and I was crying in the car after dropping her off at daycare for the first time. So much has happened in the past four years and I am so thankful for each and every moment. In the midst of infertility and then a roller coaster adoption journey, at times I never thought that I would ever become a mother but God is good and faithful and we are overflowing with gratitude for His amazing blessing and the honor gifted us by her birthmother to parent such an amazing little girl!

For Pre-K, they do a stagger start to help the kids get adjusted so today was her only day of school for the week but after Labor Day it is full steam ahead! Cheers to new friends and experiences (and homework)!