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Back in the treatment saddle

Yesterday was the first time that I saw my rheumatologist since my surgery. His first remark was about my weight loss which I’ve come to accept as a bonus. When I wasn’t able to eat at all, I would have rather had my twenty pounds back and been able to hold down something more than jello but at this point, now that I’m able to eat at least a little bit more, I’m quite content maintaining that twenty pound loss. The next topic, of course, was my surgery and the nice string of hospitalizations. It was if he looked me in the eye and knew what I was feeling perfectly. He asked if I had just been in one major flare mode since then and I could have kissed him. Its nice when you get to a point with a doctor where they just know. I explained the joint and muscle pain as well as the crazy hypersensitivity and as I explained, he nodded.

We then went over my history of what worked and didn’t work and together we worked out a plan of action. After nine years of chronic illness, a doctor that invites you to be a participant in your care is one of the good ones. One of the treatments that I had the most success on was Savella. I had really good results for about two years (I was even running again!) before it started to become less effective. I went off this treatment almost 18 months ago so we decided to give it another whirl and keep our fingers crossed that it would once again be effective. The only thing I dread is the initial three or four days as the nausea is absolutely dreadful. We are hoping that by easing in over a period of a week instead of starting at a full dose with help. Either way I am waiting until Friday to start in case I still have those side effects which makes work almost impossible.

This morning I met with my pain specialist and requested changing from pain pills to a patch to see if it will lessen the effects on my GI tract. I am not sure he was upset at my request or if it was just his usual less-than-sunny personality. Either way, he agreed and handed me a new prescription and an appointment to follow up in a month to see how things are progressing.

I know I’ve been on the path to recovery for awhile know but now having a plan to attack my illnesses outside of the surgery/adhesion issues feels really invigorating. Now if I can get some sleep I’ll be golden!

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Wednesday Check-in: Down & Dirty #4

I’ll be honest.  I knew today’s weigh-in was not going to be pretty.  Why you ask?  Because I let my pain get the best of me and I drowned my sorrows the past week in ice cream (it was definitely not to my benefit to discover that Moose Tracks was gluten-free).  The past few days I have felt defeated and ignored.  I have yet to get a straight answer from my doctor about whether or not I’m going be continue to be treated or will be referred to CMC.  My fibro meds were lost in the mail (so if I ever doubted as to whether or not Savella was doing its job now I know how big of a difference it makes in lowering pain levels!).  And to top it off, I got my notice in the mail reminding me to set up my appointment for my mammogram.  Perfect.

But I came to a decision yesterday afternoon that I was done.  I was done wallowing.  I was done allowing my emotions to control my eating.  I was done allowing the response (or lack thereof) of others to chart my victory or defeat over chronic illness.  While I can’t force a response from my doctor or the postal service to be 100% accurate, I can continue to be an advocate for myself and my health.  In situations like this, it is not the time to lay down in defeat but to stand up and take charge.

So while my apologies go out to my wonderful teammates, the Outrageous Outlaws, over at the Sisterhood for the gain this week, I can also give my promise that I am not giving up and I will see those numbers drop again!  I am a warrior!

So here are my stats:

Starting weight: 164.4

Challenge Starting Weight: 137.4

Challenge Goal: 132

Last week’s weigh-in: 135
Today’s weigh-in: 137
Change: +2

Challenge Change: -1.4

Overall Change: -27.4

So starting today this is my theme song:

chronic illness

Savella Day 14

So far so good on Savella. The nausea from moving up to the full dose has went away (thank you God!). I can actually climb stairs without my legs feeling like they are falling completely off. I am hoping to start Couch to 5k tomorrow (fingers crossed!). I got my prescription called in today but of course since its a new medicine they don’t keep it stocked so it will be delivered tomorrow (so those who are looking to possibly start it don’t let your sample run out before you order your prescription just in case your pharmacy doesn’t stock it either!).

I have battled pretty bad joint pain today (the Savella has helped my deep muscle pain primarily). Of course it could be that my daughter has boycotted sleep on Sunday nights for the last six weeks so I know that when I do not sleep, the pain gets worse. The humidity also went up today so maybe my barometer-self was just predicting the weather.

I had my weigh-in for WW this morning and I was down 1.2 pounds! Woo-hoo! Just a tip for those needing help pacing your meal (since just about every weight loss or diet manual you read states that the slower you eat the more easily your brain will recognize you are full) – feed a child! I swear when I try to feed Abby while I am trying to eat my own dinner, I eat considerably less! Hopefully this is a trend that will continue!