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Wednesday Check-In: Power of One #2

I am not going to lie. My first week of this challenge had absolutely no power. None whatsoever. *Sigh* A disappointing start to the New Year and new challenge. My pain levels were absolutely crazy this weekend and when I flare like that I have absolutely no willpower and seek comfort in food – namely anything sweet or fattening (like nachos…yum…nachos). A trait that I really do not like about myself that I really want to get under control.

So while last week I said that I was going to pack up the scale, I pulled it out this morning to give myself a kick in the pants and sure enough I had gained. I am up to 126.2 while I’m not going to hate myself for it (I’m still well within my goal range of staying between 125-128), I don’t want to let the trend continue. My trusty scale also gave me my body percentages: 29% body fat (yuck!!!), 51.8 % H2O, 6.3% bone density and my BMI is 21.6.

So this week starts a new week and a new determination to find the power within myself to make healthy choices and develop healthy habits. I want to be a role model for my daughter as she is going through the copy-everything-mommy-does phase and she wants whatever I am eating or drinking so I want to be able to offer her healthy foods. So here is my goal rundown (I didn’t have time to do my measurements this morning):

Here are my goals for the challenge:

  1. Hit the gym on my lunch break at least 3 days a week. So far not good do to pain levels but I’m going to! I promise!
  2. Remove all soda from my diet instead replacing it with water and other healthy drinks. I think I lasted 1 day this past week. I’ve decided that going cold turkey never works for me so I am going to strive to decline first then omit completely. So I will have 1 a day (in the morning) then I’m done for the day. We’ll see if I have better results!
  3. Prepare dinner at home at least 4 nights a week, trying a new recipe at least once. Didn’t do well last week but I’ve got meals planned for the next week! Tonight, beef brisket with rice and veggies. Tomorrow, vegetable soup made from leftover beef. Friday, spaghetti with salad.This weekend I will sit down and plan next week!
  4. Lose at least 5 inches overall throughout the course of the challenge. TBD

This challenge is doing weekly projects again which I love! I can’t wait!