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8 Things I Am Loving Right Now: Daily Life With Chronic Illness

Day 22 prompt: Write about the things you couldn’t live without – list things you love or need the most. Just a little look into normal, daily life with chronic illness

1. Jesus – There is absolutely no way I could make it every day living with chronic illness without the knowledge that my Creator was right there with me in the midst of it. I am thankful to serve a personal Savior who does not stand off at a distance but right beside me and knowing that gives me the strength to press on. Knowing that I can hold tight to the promise that the Lord has plans for me beyond the pain gives me hope beyond what I can express in words.

2. My family – I could not ask for a more wonderful and supportive family. My husband is my biggest advocate and support. I know it is difficult as there are times where he feels helpless to do anything to make me feel better but just knowing that he is there fighting alongside of me means so much. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to have to see your spouse wheeled back to surgery yet he has had to go through it six times already and every time he is right there with me. My entire family is extremely supportive and for that I am very lucky. I think my dad spent more time researching gluten-free options at Disney than I did and it really touches my heart.

  1. Coke – Hi, my name is Jamee and I am a Coca-Cola addict. I don’t know what it is about the stuff but I am addicted. I know its bad for me (have you seen the pin on Pinterest where Coke can clean a toilet overnight? why hasn’t that scared me?!) but I just haven’t been able to quit. There are worse addictions out there right? (humor me)

4. Leroy Jethro Gibbs – I’ll be the first to admit that this hasn’t been my favorite season so far but I still need my Gibbs fix. I mean, who doesn’t want to look at this:

5. My TENS Unit – I have sang its praises before but let me just remind you of how awesome it is. It is worth every penny. I had a vicious migraine last evening and using my TENs and an ice pack worked great. I’ve always just used it mostly for lower back and pelvic pain until my chiropractor’s office showed me how to use it for migraines. Magic. Pure magic.

6. Hard Candy Correction Creme – It seems that BB cremes are all the rage these days so when I went shopping last week I browsed the beauty section and came across this brand’s creme. I have always been pleased with Hard Candy products in the past and for $8 it was hard to beat. I was not disappointed! It helps even my skin tone and brighten my complexion when I don’t feel like wearing makeup (which is often these days). I also love that it has SPF! I can put this one and a quick coat of mascara and feel much more put together which I have learned makes a big difference!

7. Zofran – Another miracle. It works so much better for controlling nausea. Why does insurance not want to cover it though? Anyone else have experience getting insurance to want to pay for it?

8. My Blog Planner – I have tried various ways to try to stay organized and this Blog Planner by Click It Up A Notch has been the best by far at helping me stay on top of my game. Simply amazing and steal at $12.

Those are eight of the things I am loving right now – what are some of yours? What should I be checking out?


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Old School Blogging

I am excited to be linking up with The Miss Elaine-ous Life & ThetaMom for another round of Old School Blogging! Sometimes its fun to do a throw-back survey and enjoy getting to know others in the blogging community! I love these things! A new Old School Blogging meme will go live every month! Be sure to check out the link-up and follow the hashtag #OSBlog!

Onto March’s questions:

 What were you doing 10 years ago?

At this time 1o years ago, I was preparing like mad for my senior recital! I was a music education major in college and my primary instrument was the horn! I know, I know. The absolute geekiest instrument on the face of the planet! I enjoyed it though as well as taking voice lessons, singing in the choir, and praying to pass my piano proficiency so I could complete my student teaching!


What 5 Things Are On Your To-Do List:

Purchase tile for our bathroom floor

Shop for new cell phone

Take photos & list clothes on Poshmark

Survive my last week of work

Complete all the paperwork associated with the previous item


What Are 5 Snacks You Enjoy?

String cheese

Sugar-free pudding

Jelly Beans

Apple slices



Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire:

Donate to our church & favorite charities

Purchase a newer car (we are rocking a ’95 and a ’03)

Completely gut our kitchen

I’m sure I would fill out my closet a little bit

Disney, Disney, and more Disney


Some places you have lived:

Rome, NY (born there)

Charleston, SC

A small town in Virginia and then

an even smaller town in North Carolina


Name some bad habits you have:

Destroying my nails when I’m anxious

Becoming completely overwhelmed by little things when I flare

Two words – Road Rage.


Name some jobs you have had:

I totally rocked the Wendy’s uniform after high school

I have worked at both a department store and overstock bookstore

I have also worked at a ropes course and as a children’s minister


How would you answer these questions?

just for fun


Current Book(s) >>  I am also done reading Paranormal State by Ryan Buell. I got sucked into the show during my recovery. It has been an interesting read after hearing experiences that my grandmother and close family friends had growing up.

Current Playlist >>   I’ve been bouncing between a playlist of old country favorites like Clay Walker and Little Texas and a Boyz II Men greatest hits album! Talk about taking me back to middle school & high school 🙂

Rockin' My New Hairdo!

my new highlights!

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure >>  KinniToos – the gluten-free equivalent of Oreos

Current Color >>  Pink. Going back to my first love!

Current Drink >>  Coke! Still struggling with heavy nausea so Coke is my constant companion!

Current Food >>  Kix. When my system is feeling sketch, it is my current go-to.

Current Favorite Show >>  Bones! After my last hospital discharge I started at the beginning of the series. Thank goodness for Netflix!

Current Wishlist >>  New jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers for fall! I’ve lost weight since my surgery which is a bonus and while I can fit into my “skinny” clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear since before Christmas, my incision and the button placement do not get along so some “in between” clothes would be awesome!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence >>  Not sleeping. I may seriously lose it if I do not get a good night’s sleep soon!

Current Slang or Saying >>  “I’m going to lose it.” See above. It has been a big factor.

Current Outfit >>  When I’m not at work, its all about yoga pants and my Fight Like a Girl hoodie!

Current Excitement >>  I’ve made it half-way through the week of John being out of town (out of the country actually) and I haven’t landed back in the hospital! That’s a big deal!

Current Mood >>  Exhausted but generally happy!