chronic illness

Quack Quack

I consider myself a pretty open-minded individual when it comes to treating chronic illness. Conventional medicine, alternative medicine, or some mixture of the two – its all the same to me. If you can find something that works for you, I give it two thumbs up. I’ve tried a wide variety of things over the years myself so I would never say anything against either option unless it was straight harmful to your health (I did talk to someone once who stated that she were taking a supplement that helped her get rid of her endo through her pee which caused me to raise an eyebrow).

So when I was referred to a chiropractor last week, I chose the guy in town because he was in town (versus a 15-20 min drive each way multiple times a week). I knew he leaned towards to more naturalist approach but I figured since it was just to have a joint popped back into place it would be ok.

I was wrong. Flat out wrong. Homeboy didn’t lean towards being a naturalist, he was die hard. For an hour, I learned how everything that I have ever known about my illnesses is wrong. For example, endometriosis is not caused by a genetic quirk that caused uterine tissue to grow elsewhere. Instead it is caused by women wearing their pants too tight and using tampons. Celiac disease has nothing to do with the autoimmune system and fibromyalgia does not exist. He did have a cure however. To feel better, he prescribed that I drink raw eggs for breakfast and take his multivitamin. Oh and rub some special kind of oil on my belly. My current treatment is really a ploy from my team of doctors to kill my liver and every other organ in my body versus an attempt to make me feel better so I’d better subscribe to his regimen if I want to survive.

I have nothing against naturopaths. Really. I do, however, have a problem with being brow beaten that one way is better than another. I do have a problem with being spoken to as if I am an idiot and am clueless about how my body works. I do have a problem with doling out flat out incorrect information regarding chronic illnesses.

Needless to say, I will not be returning. One hour and $60 later, I am furious and still in pain. My SI joint is still out of alignment. My visit was 98% spewing of naturalist nonsense and 2% chiropractic adjustment. So now I will have to wait on another referral to see someone who hopefully will have more than my wallet in mind so that I will be able to chase after my daughter in the yard without looking like Quasi Moto.

chronic illness

My Marsha Brady Moment

marsha bradyThis is seriously what I feel like. Marsha Brady.

This weekend I have really had issues with my joints, especially in my hands. I have had issues opening jars or taking the tops off of sippy cups (not fun when you have a toddler).

So yesterday afternoon – two hours before our scheduled family pictures – I went to let out the dogs in the backyard. Well, my hands would not cooperate and I could not get the door open. Finally I got frustrated and yanked really hard. The door opened. And smacked me right between the eyes. My nose was throbbing and my eyes immediately watered. IĀ hollered. The dogs got loose. It was fabulous.

It was then that we noticed that it had started raining so our pictures had to be rescheduled which made me happy considering I already had a knot coming up on my nose and was wondering if a black eye would follow.

Today thankfully its not THAT bad and there is no black eye. Just a really sore spot on my nose and a small bruise. One thing I never expected was to have my chronic illness turn me into Marsha.