Some things should be left to the professionals

So a little backgroud: Our landlord has been promising to fix our kitchen floor and install a dishwasher for 2 months. We signed our lease extension and everything (at the beginning of Jan) and everything with was supposed to be finished no later than the end of Jan. So during this time our sink started leaking. I keep a bowl under the leak to save the water (replenishes dog bowl) and I mentioned it to the property management company once but I didn’t stress it too much since they were suppose to come out and work on the kitchen anyways.

So fastforward to last night. I was completely frustrated by the lack of cooperation from our landlords and the waste of water so I decided to take the job on myself. Because of course the guy at lowe’s said that it would be a piece of cake (ha!). So I take the handle off of the sink to replace the washer and suddenly the little cap thing blows off and water (hot water!) is shooting straight up to the ceiling. So much for being eco-friendly and trying to save water!  I freaked. Of course I am home alone. So I called the emergency maintenance pager of our management property and left a frantic message. Then I called DH and told him to come straight home! I couldn’t move so I couldn’t turn the water off under the sink. Luckily a friend of ours (who is also a guy that I work with) came flying over and we got the water shut off. 20 min later the plumber on call showed up with a royal jerk attitude but in the end we ended up with a new faucet.

Note to self, don’t try to fix anything related to plumbing by myself

In other news, I am getting ready to head off to the orthodontist to get molds as I am getting braces–for the second time.  Not a full set though.  They are just going to correct my upper arch which will be followed by a permanent top retainer.  My teeth were a mess before braces the first time but the front four teeth haven’t stayed in place and make me extremely self-conscious so hopefully after all of this I will have a boost in self-esteem and not feel so self-conscious to slime in pictures!  John just thinks that I am a glutton for pain but I beg to differ 🙂