Saving Spoons – Cleaning Schedule

If you are anything like me, keeping a clean house with chronic illness can be completely draining. Add children on top of that and at times you feel like you may as well give up the battle. In the past, I have always waited until the weekend to do major cleaning so I ended up spending my entire Saturday morning cleaned and by the time I was done I was completely wiped and didn’t want to do anything the rest of the day. When you work during the week, you want family time on the weekends and I just didn’t feel like I was getting as much as I wanted or even needed.

Enter my cleaning scheduled. Hubs thinks I am a complete dork for having a typed up schedule on my fridge (and maybe I am!) but it has helped me tremendously! If I plan out my cleaning a little each day, I can keep a clean house with spoons to spare. Obviously it requires disciple and there are certain things that must be done everyday but it really helps to space out the big things, like scrubbing the bathroom or sanitizing kitchen. I love that it not only helps me energy-wise but also it saves my Saturday from being spent cleaning all day!

Here is my cleaning schedule (I have a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house so your schedule may be different depending on house size):

Weekly Cleaning Schedule


Straighten Up
Make Beds
Dump Garbage
Clean up any spots or spills
Hang up clothes


Deep clean kitchen


Vacuum Carpets
Sweep floors
Mop floors


Deep clean living room (dust, fabric sweep furniture, etc)


Bathrooms – clean mirror, sink, tub & toilet, dump trash


Deep clean playroom & Abby’s room (dust, etc)


Change bedding on all beds

Deep clean bedroom & office (dust, etc)