Taking Some Time Off

As I mentioned briefly in my turnout post, I’ve been struggling this last little bit. I can tell I’ve been shutting myself down and withdrawing quite a bit even from my family who mean everything to me. I thought the two day breather would help get me back on the horse but I’ve realized that I’m still not quite ready. Some new and somewhat symptoms have shown up this week which in themselves make it difficult to write. I’ve been trying to use braces and/or ice packs but with little relief. I see my pain management Dr tomorrow and I see my rheumatologist on Monday and hopefully he can make some sense out of everything. I am praying that he does as if we continue in this ‘I’m not sure what else we can do for you rut,’ I’m not sure how I’m going to maintain. I feel like I’be just fallen apart in the last week. I’ve had to spend my days almost entirely in bed so while I am glad that I have the option to rest now when I need, I did anticipate feeling well enough to keep the house clean, dinner on the table, and time to play in the yard until it got dark. But I don’t have it. Maybe I will one day. I keep reminding myself that i cannot expect to feel fully restored and suddenly have no pain or fatigue since I am not working but at least some improvement would be nice. I have a dear friend who as made this move herself and she reminded me that it may take up to 3 months before my body begins to feel restored and fully nourished as I had been rinning on empty for too long and now that i have the chance to slow down, it will take awhile to get that back.  It was what I really needed to hear.

Between all of this drama, we have a special event in our family happening this weekend! Abby is turning 4 on Saturday!! Can you believe it? Her party will be the following weekend so we will have family in town so we’ve got quite a bit on our list to be ready for Mermaid birthday bash!

So to save my mental health and to be able to focus more on our family during the events throughout the next week, I will be taking the next week off from writing! I really wanted to finish out the HAWMC with WeGo Health but I gave it a good run and really enjoying participating in it again this year. I just need this next week for myself and my family. I plan on working on some things behind the scenes and I’ll still be around on Twitter and IG as I get all of the party decorations pulled together for her party.  Still feel free to contact me if you need me!

Thank you guys for your continued support and your endless encouragement that you give me each and every day. You all mean so much. Can we just all get close to our screens so we can have a big group hug? Seriously guys, I love you and I will be seeing you in a week! With pictures from all the birthday festivities!

Hugs & pain-free wishes,

P.S. I will post one more time in the morning to announce the winner of the MIRA Stainless Steel BPA-free snack containers tomorrow so be sure that you entered!

Pinterest & Chronic Illness

WeGo Health HAWMC

Day 24 prompt: Create a Pinterest board for your health focus & share!

It is no secret that I am a complete Pinterest addict and I have found it to be especially helpful in organizing ways to benefit my life with chronic illness! Today’s prompt was a needed kick-in-the-tail to get it organized and I actually split my board into multiple boards so that I can better find my pins in relation to category such as Advice, Encouragement, & Support or Products That Make Life Easier. I hate searching through fifty pins to find the one I’m looking for so I’ve found that reorganizing my boards into more specific categories has made things much easier!

Three of my favorite latest pins are:

10 Ways to Stay Organized with Chronic Illness

Simplifying Life With Illness - Tips for Staying Organizedimage via the Novel Patient


Romantic Ideas for a Chronically Ill Wife to Romance Her Husband

Keeping romance in a marriage despite chronic illness

image via Rest Ministries


Get-Well Cookies in Jar

Get Well Gifts for Loved Ones with Illness

image via Sugar Dot Cookies

Do you have chronic illness or health-related boards on Pinterest? Leave a link! I’d love to follow you!

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