My Favorite Things: January Edition

This month I thought I would focus on my favorite gluten-free foods! Since being diagnosed with Celiac last May, it has really been a game of trial and error to find out which foods/brands work best for me! Right after I was diagnosed, I saw a GF dietitian at the urging of my GI doc and I am so glad I did as she really helped me discover brands of gluten-free products as well as merchants that I probably would have never found before!  So here is a rundown of my favs:

Sandwich Bread: Udi’s White Sandwich Bread
Cereal: Cinnamon Chex. Coco Pebbles when I’m wanting a kids cereal
Other Breakfast Food: Kinnickinick Donuts
Meal Bar: Zone Bar in Peanut Caramel Cluster (not all Zone Bars are gluten-free)
Pasta: DeBole’s Rice Pasta
Pizza crust: Ceba All-Purpose Mix
Dessert mixes: King Arthur mixes -the cookie mix is good but the chocolate cake mix is to die for!
Restuarant: Outback has a great GF menu! Fatz Cafe is a close 2nd!
Online retailer:
Website for GF recipes:
Website for GF info:
GF Blog: The Baking Beauties