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Day 25: What I’m Missing

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 25: Something that you miss

As I mentioned in my 20 facts post, I was a runner throughout high school and college. I was never fast but I was dedicated. I mostly ran the mile and two-mile races during meets and while I was never fast enough to run on the collegiate level, I continued to run throughout college.

There is just something about running that I loved. It was more than just the physical activity but it was almost emotional and spiritual at the same time. I have prayed some of the deepest prayers and done the most thinking on runs where its just me and God.

I miss it. A lot.

Between the pain and crushing fatigue that often accompanies chronic illness, it has just not been in the cards for me lately. There was a period of time after my Celiac diagnosis that I was able to run again for several months before my endometrioisis made its return post-hysterectomy.  I was hoping the most recent surgery would have allowed me to get back on the road but haven’t got there.


For the first time in weeks (or maybe in months), I feel encouraged that my pain will not always be this way. Will I ever be completely pain-free? Not likely. However, the constant pelvic pain will hopefully ease up as physical therapy progresses. The first 3 weeks of PT have been very difficult and very painful but for the first time today I didn’t leave the office in tears. Progress. There were definitely some painful moments and I’m still a little crampy but not like last week. Progress. As we get these lower abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles loosened up, I should see my pain levels lower. Progress.

I love progress. I may never run a marathon but at this point, a jog around the neighborhood would do just fine!

And because everyone needs a giggle on a Wednesday, I am pretty sure the following is pretty accurate/


What I Look Like When Runningvia