Blogging for Endometriosis

The kick-off to Endometriosis Awareness Month is right around the corner! A group of bloggers and myself would love for you to join in with us to help spread education and awareness regarding endometriosis! With 5.5 million women in North America alone being affected, there is a good chance that … Continue reading

Upcoming Attractions

I'm really excited about some things that may be happening in the not-so-distant future and so happy to share them with you!   First off, my wonderful designer April from April Showers Blog Designs is going to help me spruce things up around A New Kind of Normal! I'm really excited to … Continue reading

Put an END to Endo!

In honor of Endometriosis Awareness Month, I wanted to share this unique initiative by Clear Passage Therapies! They are working hard during the month of March to help raise awareness for endometriosis as well as provide support to the millions of women who suffer with this disease on a daily … Continue reading