Saving Spoons – Laundry Room Organization

Welcome to the inaugural Saving Spoons post!  So excited to finally get this series off the ground!  Since everyone loves laundry, I figured why not start in the laundry room!

Laundry is inevitable (unless you are a full-time nudist) so why not make a space that is function and attractive as well.

So after a lot of work and sweat and more work by professionals, we turned this scary hole into a laundry room!


It wasn’t a large space to begin with so we tried to make the most of what we had!  We love our front load washer & dryer.  Worth every penny! I wasn’t sure if I thought it would be a pain getting the clothes out of the drier since I am short but I have no trouble reaching at all!

Behind the lovely curtain (that I made out of a table-cloth that I loved but hated using on the table) is a shelf that holds things like bulk paper towels, light bulbs, etc.  Who wants to look at all of that?

The laundry sorter cart also helps make the most out of the space!  I usually have a few hangers there so when I’m moving clothes from the washer to the dryer, if there is anything that doesn’t need to go in the dryer I can hang it up to dry right away. The mesh bag you see hanging up was on the side but I moved it to the bar so its easier to reach.  It holds unmatched socks. Once a week or so I go through the bag and match up socks (you’d be surprised how many matches you find after you cycle through several loads of laundry).  It definitely helps take out some of the frustration! I also like that the sorter bags aren’t huge so I can’t let laundry pile up which makes it easier to keep with!

We hung the ironing board and iron on the wall so that its out-of-the-way but still easy to get to. This picture makes me think that I really need a new ironing board cover.  Something fun and funky.  Any suggestions?

So now you’ve seen some of my ideas on how I save spoons in the laundry room but I also wanted to give some link love to these awesome posts that I have come across about making your laundry room a beautiful and organized space!

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What are your best tips for keeping your laundry room organized and making the laundry as painless as possible?