Summer Blog Social: Blogging Resources Part 2

If you’ve been active at all in the social media world lately, then you’d know that there is a big event happening this week in San Diego —  BlogHer. Everywhere I turn there seems to be a post or tweet about it. This is a HUGE blog conference that draws bloggers from all over the country – mom bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers. You name a niche and there will be bloggers at BlogHer representing that group.

I will admit that I am the tiniest bit jealous (even though I have plans to attend BBC & Type A next year).  Who wouldn’t want to experience 3 days of networking, discussion, and fun with 3000 of your best blogging friends? Thankfully I’m not the only one a little green with envy and yearning for some time to network, learn, and grow as a blogger. Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog and Jessica from Four Plus An Angel teamed up to create the Summer Blog Social! This event will run all week and will allow bloggers to link up posts that will cover topics like blogging resources, blog design, and creating blogging goals as well as help make networking a little easier – all from the comfort of our pajamas – oh wait I’m trying to break that habit.

So all week I will be posting my thoughts, experiences, and resources I have come to know and love over my last 4 years of blogging! I am by no means an expert but that is what is awesome about this event! We all have something to offer! Definitely plan to check out the link up to get some more blogging tips!

I had shared a post two weeks ago where I shared 3 of my favorite blog resources so I would like to share a couple more! The first 3 resources I shared helped a lot with the “nuts and bolts” of blogging so I thought this week I would share some of my favorite social resources that have helped me as a blogger!


1. Twitter

I was a little late to jump on the Twitter train. I honestly didn’t get it. What could possibly be beneficial about talking in 140 character increments? What I didn’t realize then was that those 140 character statements do not exist as a single entity but form a CONVERSATION. Yes I capitalized that on purpose. The purpose of twitter is not to simply tweet blog links or ads (which is fine in moderation) but to actual network and CONNECT with one another. It is all about the conversation. I have met so many amazing people through twitter both in relation to blogging and to chronic illness. If I have a question about a plugin for WordPress, I can ask twitter and have a response in no time. If I have been prescribed a new medication and have questions, I will undoubtedly find a fellow spoonie who as had experience with it before and can answer my questions. I love blogging and getting to respond to your comments here at ANKON but I love being able to chat with you on Twitter! If you’re new to Twitter, here is a great article on getting started with Twitter by Eli Rose Social that can help get you on your way!


2. The Blog Frog

 If you are more comfortable in a forum-type setting, then the Blog Frog is the place for you! There are forums on every topic imaginable and it is a snap to create your own community as a part of your blog! BF creates a great place to ask questions and join in discussions as well as read blog posts from your favorite bloggers and discover new blogs while you are at it! I have discovered some of my favorite blogs through the Blog Frog forums! As a blogger, creating a community is a piece of cake! Becoming a member of Blog Frog is quick and free however there are a lot of great benefits to paying for a premium or platinum members as well such as advertising and newsletters! Even if you are not ready to create a community of your own, it is a great place to network and meet other bloggers!


  1. Klout

Some would probably debate whether or not this would be considered a “social” resource but I decided to add it to the list anyways! The purpose of Klout is to help discover topics that you are considered to be influential in across the social media world. Of course, the system isn’t perfect and there are tons of complaints about how quacky the system regarding creating a score and deciding which topics relate to you. I won’t deny that – I’ve been stated as being influential in pirates on more than one occasion. I try not to take more score too seriously as it always tanks on the weekends. Personally, I think it can be a lot of fun! Every day that you log in, you are able to award K+ to your friends in categories in which you think they are influential. Some can be funny while others are more serious. For example, I thought it was hilarious that somehow pirates ended up on my list while I take pride in my status of being influential in health and endometrosis. There are also fun perks that you can get awarded! I won’t be stinky for a whole year after receiving a year supply of Secret Clinical deodorant as a Klout perk. Again, I’m not sure how the perks get awarded. Some I’ve qualified for and others I haven’t. Klout can be a great resource and a lot of fun – just don’t take it too seriously – it takes all the fun out of it!


Have you tried using any of the above?  Love ’em? Hate ’em? What are some of your favorite social media resources?


p.s. If anyone is planning on heading to Bloggy Bootcamp Atlanta (or considering it) and is looking for a roommate, please let me know! I need one desperately!


My Favorite Blog Resources: Part 1

I’ve mentioned a thousand couple of times how excited I am about going to Bloggy Bootcamp in Atlanta in October but have I told you that I’m also now registered for my second blog conference?! That’s right! I’m registered for Type-A Parent Conference 2012! The conference isn’t until next June but I got a steal on the ticket thanks to Super-Early Bird pricing! The best part is the location! Just an hour away from the lovely place I call home!

So to get ready for all of the bloggy fun in my future, I thought I would share some of my favorite blog resources. Since I’ve been in the blogging world for 4 years now, I have developed a love for quite a few but I will start with 3 in this post!


How to Blog

1  – The SITS Girls – Seriously, you NEED to be a part of this group. It is a great resource for blogging support and encouragement. One of the many awesome things that they do is the Featured Blogger channel where every day they highlight a different blogger! They share some background information and invite everyone over to your blog for a day to party! It is a great way to discover new bloggers as well as share some comment love! My SITS day was life-changing! They also routinely doing series, like leading a 31 Days to Build A Better Blog group challenge or their new Monthly Photo Challenge, to help each of us become better writers and bloggers. Of course, I can’t leave out Bloggy Bootcamp! And currently, when you like their Facebook page, you get a free copy of their e-book Top 10 Secrets to Blogging Success!


2 – Blog Clarity – I started following Melissa, a fellow NC’er, on her personal blog Adventuroo & completely fell in love (yes I totally have a social media crush!).  She started doing weekly posts where she would highlight blog tips and other social media advice before launching Blog Clarity! If you need blogging, writing, or other social media advice, look no further! She hosts a weekly series where bloggers can submit their sites for a Blog Critique (happens on Wednesdays) and she gives you an honest opinion of things that you can do to improve your blog, including design, functionality, and content. You can click here to see mine! She also recently wrapped up a series on Blogger Business Card Design that was extremely helpful as we are in the thick of blog conference season!

3 – Eli Rose Social Media – These are some completely amazing ladies! If you are looking for the most recent news in social media, these are the ladies you need to find! In my attempts to understand Klout, they have offered several posts to help bloggers understand why Klout is important and how it is calculated. They even helped me understand why Klout thinks I’m influential in pirates! In addition to their helpful posts, they also offer services for both bloggers and businesses. They offer both 25 Point Blog Assessments as well as Personal Strategy sessions, both of which I have utilized and I will say it could easily be the best money I have spent in blogging.


These are just 3 of my many favorite resources! There will be more to come! Have you used any of these 3 resources? What sites would you add to the list?