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Blessed Beyond Belief

I am still in disbelief that the email I received is real. I am beyond speechless, humbled, and blessed.

Way back at the beginning of the year I made a post of my 2011 goals (most of which I have stunk at keeping up but that is for another post) but in that post, I mentioned my dream of owning a DSLR camera to help catch the moments of my miracle girl growing up. Shortly thereafter, I got an email from a reader halfway around the globe. She felt called to begin a project called Random Acts of Blogging Kindness and she wanted me to be the first recipient. As I read I couldn’t believe my eyes. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I read her kind and beautiful words. She let me know that she would be in touch.

Today, I received her email and a donation to purchase the camera I’d been longing for. I received a Random Act of Blogging Kindness.

I’m not going to lie. This has been a difficult week. Somehow I pinched a nerve in my tailbone area which caused excruciating hip and pelvic pain along with GI issues which kept me in bed for much of the start of the week.

Emotionally I was put through the wringer getting my post ready for the Letting Go series.

Spiritually, I’ve been…well….parched would be a good word.

So when my alarm went off yesterday morning, I was expecting the day to be much of the same. While I was trying to get woke up, I glanced through my emails on my phone quickly and that is when I saw the email.

I literally almost fell out of the bed.

So not kidding.

Immediately my eyes began to sting and a lump formed in my throat. Could this be real? Has someone seriously done this for ME? Why me? What on earth have I done to deserve this? HOLY COW!

I wish I had answers beyond the fact that God is good and Emily Ruth is special. A spoonie herself, she felt called to begin such an amazing project and with a servant heart she followed that calling and I have been deeply moved and blessed. I cannot even begin to put into words just how utterly grateful I am for such an amazing gift.

So now I can’t wait to take part in this project and help to bless the next recipient of a Random Act of Blogging Kindness, whoever that may be. If you would like to get involved in this amazing project please pray about it and check out all the details here.