Day 25: What I’m Missing

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 25: Something that you miss As I mentioned in my 20 facts post, I was a runner throughout high school and college. I was never fast but I was dedicated. I mostly ran the mile and two-mile races during meets and while I was never fast enough to run on the collegiate … Continue reading

Day 24: Inside My Handbag

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 24: What's in your purse? This was another post I was really looked forward to when starting the challenge! 1. My coupon organizer (purchased from GlowGirl on Etsy) 2. My wallet 3. My fantastic planner 4. My blog business cards (holder purchased from OC Style … Continue reading

Day 23: 20 Facts

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 23: 20 Facts About Yourself I was born in Rome....New York. I was an Air Force brat for all of 2 1/2 weeks before my dad got out of the Air Force and we headed south. My name is the combination of both my parents - Jamee from James (my dad) and Lynne (from my … Continue reading

Day 22: My Sunday

30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 22: Bullet Your Whole Day   Woke up barely hanging on to my side of the bed so I looked over and Abby was laying next to me sideways. Missed this. Heard John getting ready to for church in the next room. Pain signals woke up as well and I realized … Continue reading

Day 21: Happiness

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 21: A photo of something or someone that makes you happy   This assignment was SO easy to create! My beautiful and amazing daughter Abby has spent the last 9 days in Virginia getting spoiled by her Nana and Poppy and playing with her cousin Dorothy Anne. I know … Continue reading