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Day 27: 10 Songs


Day 27: Put Ipod/MP3 on shuffle & list the first 10 songs

My MP3 player is in my car but I can pull up my playlist through so here are my first 10 songs:

  1. Action by FireFlight
  2. Shout to the Lord by Skillet
  3. Tonight by TobyMac featuring John Cooper (of Skillet)
  4. Glorious Day by Casting Crowns
  5. Thy Mercy by Caedmon’s Call
  6. Welcome Home by Shaun Groves
  7. Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum
  8. A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans
  9. The One You Need by Shane & Shane
  10. Knee Deep by the Zac Brown Band

From the list you can see that I like a mix of Christian and Country music to make my work day pass smoothly 🙂

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Day 26: 5 Years Living With Chronic Illness

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 26: Think back to how you were 5 years ago. How have you changed since then?

When I think back to January 2007, I can definitely see a lot of changes that have occurred over the last five years living with chronic illness.

Five years ago, I was planning my third surgery at the Center for Endometriosis care in Atlanta where I could be seen by one of the top endo specialists in the country. We had already had several unsuccessful rounds on fertility drugs (Clomid and Femera) but we still had that hope that we weren’t out of the game yet. The statistics were in our favor. After the recovery from surgery, we were going to step up our treatments to IUIs. Five years ago, I am pretty sure The Girldfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy was still on my nightstand so that I could be ready when the good news came.

Five years ago, I also think I was a lot more optimistic that the pain I was in was only temporary. I had already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in addition to the endometriosis but there were still many options to try out at that point so with that coupled with the hope of relief promised by the upcoming surgery, I counted down the days until I would be pain-free and hopefully pregnant.

I will admit that I am probably a little harder now than I was then. I wouldn’t say that I am a pessimist as I do believe there is always hope, but I think I would consider myself more of a realist. Maybe caring less about what the statistics say and caring more about being heard by my physicians when I tell them that I am not better. Maybe caring less about dishes in the sink and the house not being perfect and caring more about the precious moments with my family. Maybe caring less about having all the answers and caring more about the hope that I can only find in Him and learning to walk by faith.

So have I changed in the last five years? Absolutely. Have I changed for the better? I think in some ways, yes. The last five years have most definitely been a challenge but I think that how we respond to the challenges molds and shapes us into the people that are we meant to be.

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Day 25: What I’m Missing

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 25: Something that you miss

As I mentioned in my 20 facts post, I was a runner throughout high school and college. I was never fast but I was dedicated. I mostly ran the mile and two-mile races during meets and while I was never fast enough to run on the collegiate level, I continued to run throughout college.

There is just something about running that I loved. It was more than just the physical activity but it was almost emotional and spiritual at the same time. I have prayed some of the deepest prayers and done the most thinking on runs where its just me and God.

I miss it. A lot.

Between the pain and crushing fatigue that often accompanies chronic illness, it has just not been in the cards for me lately. There was a period of time after my Celiac diagnosis that I was able to run again for several months before my endometrioisis made its return post-hysterectomy.  I was hoping the most recent surgery would have allowed me to get back on the road but haven’t got there.


For the first time in weeks (or maybe in months), I feel encouraged that my pain will not always be this way. Will I ever be completely pain-free? Not likely. However, the constant pelvic pain will hopefully ease up as physical therapy progresses. The first 3 weeks of PT have been very difficult and very painful but for the first time today I didn’t leave the office in tears. Progress. There were definitely some painful moments and I’m still a little crampy but not like last week. Progress. As we get these lower abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles loosened up, I should see my pain levels lower. Progress.

I love progress. I may never run a marathon but at this point, a jog around the neighborhood would do just fine!

And because everyone needs a giggle on a Wednesday, I am pretty sure the following is pretty accurate/


What I Look Like When Runningvia