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My 10 Things Before I Turn 30 Finale

As you know I created this list of 10 things I wanted to achieve before I turned 30 six months ago. Well, that day as come and gone! Tuesday was the big day and at exactly 11:35pm I turned the new decade!


So let’s see how I finished up!


1. Add a new tattoo to my collection! Done! And I looooove it!

fighter wrist tattoo

2. Attend a blog conference! Done! Well, almost. I leave tomorrow at noon for Bloggy Bootcamp in Atlanta! So stinkin’ excited! I also have plans to attend Type A Conference in Charlotte in June 2012!

3. Live it up at Disney. Done! Oh my goodness I loved it so much! We had such an amazing time! We cannot wait to go back again in 2013! Hopefully I won’t be post-op next time! If you missed the posts about the trip you can check them out here.

4. Find a workout that actually works for my body whether it be walking or water aerobics. Not quite. I was able to do some walking after my surgery but with the recent surge in pain and leg issues, I haven’t been walking until I see my doctor on the 31st. Hopefully I’ll be able to resume walking on my lunch breaks soon!

5. Buy a bike and ride to work! Almost! Hubby and I have decided we are buying each other bikes for Christmas! So excited! We’ve been saving rewards points to help with the costs (that above trip to Disney definitely helped!). I’m super excited! I’m thinking about something like this:

ladies cruiser bike

6. Spend a night away with my  husband. Not yet. Still hoping to plan.

7. Look into completing my Adoption Grief paper. One day. One day.

8. See Skillet in concert…again. On schedule! Winterjam 2012!

9. Build some major photography skills. Improvement! I’m definitely not skilled by any means but I am getting a little more comfortable with my camera and have even switched the dial from auto a time or two 🙂

10. Take a girls only trip the beach. One word: Surgery. Definitely threw a wrench in plans when a 6 week recovery takes up all your time off. This weekend in Atlanta will be a girls’ weekend so I’ll give this one half-credit!


How do you think I did?