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{product review} Simone France Skin Care

In my short 30 years here on earth, my skin has definitely taken a beating. Before the age of 26, I had tried numerous hormone treatments for endometriosis which were followed by hefty doses of fertility treatments. Ultimately I ended up with a total hysterectomy which was followed by hormone replacement therapy. I can’t leave out my love for the sun (and a tan) as a teen.


Needless to say, in the recent months, I’ve become concerned about my skin and decided its time to up my skin care routine which basically included those moist face towelettes and if I remembered my moisturizer with SPF. Questions I kept asking myself were “How will being menopausal at 26 affect my skin?” “Which anti-aging products should I be using, if any?” “How can I figure out the best skin care regimen will work the best for me?” I’m usually the one standing in the skin care aisle at the store with 4 products in my hand and the deer in the headlights look.


Thankfully Simone France came to my rescue and asked me to review their product line. After taking a personalized skin care analysis, I was contacted by a representative to help choose the correct products. What I loved about this from the start was 1) the analysis was very thorough and 2) an actual person contacted me – not an automated email – and provided an explanation of the results and gave a recommendation for which products would be the most beneficial.


I was so excited when I saw my box of goodies from Simone France on my porch and couldn’t wait to try them out!


My morning routine included “The Sandwich” which included a combination of moisturizer, scrub, and soap! I will admit it was an adjustment going to a three-step process but once I got the process down, I hardly thought about it! Initially I had some breakouts as the moisturizer I was trying was too heavy for my skin so my representative Penny swapped it out for a new lighter formula as well as sent me a refining mask to help clear up the breakouts! The one-on-one attention I was able to receive was excellent. Once I changed to the Light Moisture moisturizer, I had no more breakouts and my skin feels like a dream! The night routine was much easier to get adjusted too and only includes two steps – a rich milk cleanser and a toner.

After getting adjusted to the new routine and after using the products for a month, I can say that I would  highly recommend these products! The personal interaction with a Simone France representative is a huge selling point. I also can tell a huge difference in my skin. I’m no longer needing to wear foundation (just a little under-eye concealer thanks to my toddler!). My skin feels fresh, clean, and smooth! Going from generic face cleansing cloths to looking at the prices for this line was a bit of sticker shock but I can say that a little product goes a long way! I’ve been using these products daily for over a month and I’ve hardly made a dent in the moisturizer or cleansers so I’m realizing the prices are actually very comparable when I consider what I’m getting and how long the products will actually last (and also the perk of not needing to buy foundation!). I’m a total Simone France convert.


So if you are looking for new skin care products and would like to receive a complete personalized skin care analysis of your own, be sure to check out their site! They are also offering 10% off for first-time customers using code FT108!


***Disclaimer: I was provided these products free of charge in order to facilitate the review but was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are completely 100% my own.***


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