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Loved & Loathed Beauty & Style Products: August 2015

*Disclosure: Two of the products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review purposes. I am not being paid to mention these products and all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. The two products are marked with asterisks(*). All other products were purchased with my own money.



It is one of my favorite times of the month which means its time to talk about monthly beauty favorites! Its been a hot minute since I have done a favorites video or post but I am definitely excited to hop back into it! I want to start recording videos again but I need to do some work on a setup with great lighting, backdrop, and all that fun stuff but hopefully that won’t be too far off into the future!

Every month I will be sharing my favorite makeup and hair products (with the occasional style item) and it will be called “Loved & Loathed Beauty & Style Products” and since I don’t have any loathed products this month, let’s jump into the good stuff, shall we?



1- Wet N Wild Contour Palettes

If you are new to contouring or are looking for budget friendly alternatives, you need to check these out! The Wet N Wild Contour Palettes are exclusive to Walmart (for some crazy reason) but they are so worth the trip! Each palette contains a beautiful matte contour and highlight shades and you get generous portions of both shades for the amazing price of $3.97. The palettes come in two shades: Caramel Toffee and Dulce De Leche. Both are beautiful so definitely grab them both if you see them! Caramel Toffee has a cooler, more ashy contour shade and a pink-based highlight whereas Dulce De Leche has a slightly warmer, more rosy contour shade and a yellow-based highlight. I use the the contour shade in the Caramel Toffee palette more for contouring and the shade in the Dulce De Leche palette for warming up my skin tone without any hint of orange. I love using both highlight shades for setting under my eyes and on the tops of my cheekbones if I am looking for a subtle, non-shimmery highlight.

2- Wet N Wild Fergie Shimmer Palettes

Now, if you are looking for the opposite and want a shimmery and more intense highlight, the Wet N Wild Fergie Shimmer Palettes will do the trick. There are three palettes in the collection (swatches are pictured in same order): Rose Champagne Glow (a light rosy, champagne shimmer), Hollywood Boulevard (an intense golden shimmer), and Rose Golden Goddess (a dramatic rose gold shimmer). These highlights are beautiful, creamy (not powdery at all), and highly pigmented. They are priced ~$5 each and like the contour palettes I mentioned, you get a ton of product. You can also often find them on sale at Kmart, Walgreens and CVS. They frequently run BOGO 50% off, Buy 2 Get 3rd Free, or if you get really lucky 40% off or Buy One Get One Free. There are often coupons in the paper as well. If you are a beauty junkie on a budget, Wet N Wild is definitely a brand to keep an eye on. I think a lot of people right it off thinking that because of the low prices, the products must be cheap and poor quality, which is so not the case but that is another post for another day ūüôā

3- Block Island Organics Purifying Face Cleanser*

I am always on the market for great skincare for my dry, sensitive, red skin so when Block Island Organics reached out to me to try some of their products, I was excited to give them a try. In addition to suncare products, they also carry a line of cleansers and moisturizers. I absolutely love the Purifying Face Cleanser. It almost feels like a mix of a gel and foaming cleansers. I always imagine tiny scrubbing bubbles from TV commercials gently scrubby my face when I use it. When I’m done, my skin feels light and airy. Like really clean but not that squeaky clean feeling. My skin feels more supple, moisturized and, just like the bottle says, purified. According to their website, the cleanser contains organic ingredients including¬†rosehip, chamomile, sunflower, avocado, and olive and it is also packed with antioxidants like vitamin C and E to revitalize skin but does not include any¬†parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes or artificial fragrances and it also vegan and cruelty free.

4- Block Island Organics Revitalizing Night Cream*

In addition to the Purifying Face Cleanser, I am in love with the Block Island Organics Revitalizing Night Cream. It is rich and nourishing without being heavy. I always thought a night cream and to be thick in order to provide enough moisture to get through the night, but this product changed my mind. It is lightweight but so super nourishing. According to the bottle, this cream is packed with antioxidants like vitamin C (offers anti-aging benefits) & vitamin E (protects against the effects of sun exposure) and also contains organic ingredients like cocoa butter, rosehip, avocado, aloe vera, and jojoba. Like the cleanser, the night cream is also vegan, cruelty free and free of any parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes or artificial fragrances. This night cream and cleansers are now definitely a permanent part of my skincare routine and I really hope that they add more products to the line up. I was sent these products (which also included a sunblock) for review and I also purchased products from their line with my own money and you know that I am always 100% honest and authentic and opinions are always completely my own. I am not paid to write about these products but I am including them in my favorites for this month because I genuinely love these products and will be repurchasing with absolute certainty.

5- L’Oreal Voluminous Dramatic Volume Building Mascara Carbon Black

This month it was all about two mascaras. I pulled out my tried and true, holy grail L’Oreal Voluminous Dramatic Volume Building Mascara Carbon Black. I love thick, dramatic lashes and I like them to be as black as possible. Months ago, I had received a sample of the Urban Decay Perversion mascara that I absolutely fell in love with because of how black it made my lashes but I just cannot justify $22 for mascara. If I could find it on sale or part of a special deal, I would jump on it in a heartbeat but in the meantime, I think I can get a very comparable look with L’Oreal Carbon Black for a fraction of the cost.

6- CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara

I have seen a lot of talk on YouTube about the CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara and it seems that you either love it or you hate it. There didn’t seem to be much talk in between. When I first pulled out the wand, I was not sure I was going to like it because it just looks really crazy. I had no idea how it was supposed to work because the shape is so weird and the bristles are so short and only on two sides but I gave it a go and I loved it! It gave me so much length and separation! I was floored. Overall, I’m typically not much of a CG fan besides their 3in1 Foundation but I’m beginning to think that maybe I should branch out!

7- Physicians Formula Matte Collection Quad Eye Shadow

Every woman needs this eye shadow quad in your makeup collection. The Physicians Formula Matte Collection Quad Eye Shadow in Canyon Classics is the perfect eye shadow quad use on its own or to fill in any gaps when using other eye shadow palettes or shadows. It has the perfect matte brow highlight shade, amazing transition shades, and a great shade to define the outer v or to use as liner. This quad averages around $7 and is worth every penny. Physicians Formula has two other shades of the matte collection eyeshadow quads which are Classic Nudes and Quartz Quartet which look beautiful and may also be worth checking out. This one though is a must have.

8- Maybelline FaceStudio Master Prime Blur + Redness Control Primer

As I have mentioned on several occasions, I struggle with a lot of redness in my cheeks. I’m not sure if it could be considered a butterfly rash or rosacea but it is definitely bothersome. I have always felt like I needed to wear full coverage foundation in order to over it up and I have tried other anti-redness primers in the past so when I saw the Maybelline FaceStudio Master Prime Blur + Redness Control Primer, I didn’t have high hopes but I did want to give it a try. I was really pleasantly surprised. Does it cover 100% of my redness? No, but it allows me to feel like I can wear a lighter weight foundation more comfortably while also helping my makeup to go on more smoothly and last longer.

9- Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation & Concealer

Like the CoverGirl mascara, I had been reading and seeing a lot of reviews of the Maybelline Superstar Better Skin Foundation on social media and it seems like you either love it or you hate it. Like seriously adore it or absolutely abhor it. I was nervous to try it but I really wanted to give it a try because according to Maybelline, ” it¬†reduces the appearance of spots, dullness and uneveness and gives you a brighter, more even and stress-free skin.” My post-menopausal skin needs all of this. I actually sent my mom to CVS to pick this up while I was in the hospital as I had coupons to stack with the sale that was getting ready to end. Go ahead and laugh but this girl is serious about saving money when it comes to makeup and CVS is the best place for great beauty deals since you can stack coupons (ULTA is also great for this). I got both the foundation and the concealer in the lightest shades possible and being an ultra pale princess, I was concerned about the shades not matching. The foundation was in the shade Porcelain 10 and it looked a bit dark and a bit yellow in the bottle so I was worried that I would have to mix with another foundation in order to match my skin but I was pleasantly surprised and it matched perfectly and to make it even better, it did not oxidize at all! It is definitely a medium coverage foundation but I don’t think its one that would build to full coverage without looking cakey so if I’m looking for full coverage, I just reach for another foundation. To talk about the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Concealer super quick, it is a thin formula and I found that it blended super easy under the eyes. I also have this in the lightest shade Ivory 10 but I wish this was lighter and not quite as yellow but to remedy this problem I mix with the following concealer.

10- Almay Smart Shade CC Concealer + Brightener

I picked up this Almay Smart Shade CC Concealer + Brightener on a whim at Big Lots of all places. I usually don’t go for this pot type of concealer where you have to dip your finger or brush into but I am so glad I snagged this! I use shade 100 Light Pale. I am in love with the brightener shade. It covers my dark circles like nothing else I have tried! The concealer shade works really well for highlighting as well so this duo pairs perfectly with my Maybelline Superstay Better Skin concealer that is slightly too dark/yellow on its own.

There you go folks! Those are some of my most loved beauty products from August! What are some products that you have been loving (or hating)?

PS:¬†If you have noticed with the redesign, the tagline now includes “the perfect shade of lipstick” as I really want to start incorporating my love of makeup and style more into regular blogging. The beauty/style features will be called Chronic Style and you may have already seen the hashtag #chronicstyle pop up here and there on instagram or twitter. I know as spoonies we always hear “but you don’t look sick” and honestly, I know for myself personally (as I’m sure its the same for many of you) that I don’t want to look sick. I don’t want to look the way I feel. I know I don’t need makeup to be beautiful. I’m beautiful on my own but I love playing with makeup and I love the extra spunk and confidence I feel when I find a look I love. My goal with Chronic Style is to track down affordable makeup brands and products as well as style/fashion items to share with you guys. I am very, very excited to jump in with both feet to get this feature/series off the ground! If there is anything in particular you guys would like to see featured, reviewed, etc, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


*Disclosure: Two of the products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review purposes. I am not being paid to mention these products and all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. The two products are marked with asterisks(*). All other products were purchased with my own money.
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