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Final Taking Time for Yourself in May Special Edition: 7 Ways to Feel More Glamorous

Seriously, who doesn’t want a little more glamor in life? Especially when battling chronic illness or just life in general! Here are 7 life-tested ways to make your life more glamorous brought to you by

Seven Life-Tested Ways to Make Your Simple Life More Glamorous

Ahh, the simple life. That’s all about farming and sewing muu-muus and eating porridge, right? Well, not so much. Just because you value simplicity, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the finer (and fun) things in life. I’m a big believer in indulging your whims every now and then, since they’re what give simple life flavor and fun. Read on for seven simple ways to add glamour to your life.
  1. Give yourself the red carpet treatment. Sometimes you simply need to pencil in the glamour. There are tons of options for rituals that make your life feel rich: bubble baths, cocktail hour, high tea, and so on. By ritualizing these experiences, you get a chance to feel spoiled everyday, in a way that’s fun for you and fits your budget. It’s a good way to stay satisfied. After all, it’s difficult to feel deprived when you’ve got a treat coming your way each day.
  2. Invest in the best. Living simply doesn’t mean burlap rucksacks for everyone. It means having just what you need, some that you want, and not much more. By investing in quality items, from the staple clothes you wear to the items in your home, you’ll need to upgrade and replace less often. I’ll be honest; it’s a very fine line to walk and “expensive” doesn’t always equal “quality.” But there is a case to be made for having one incredible pair of shoes that lasts for two decades (with resoling) instead of poorly constructed ones that need to be replaced every six months.
  3. Pretend you’re in your own music video. Strut your stuff and put on your best “It’s so hard being gorgeous” pout, even if you’re the only one around. (Actually, especially if you’re the only one around.) It’s a silly approach, but it’s effective and it encourages you take life a little less seriously. I like to pretend I’m in my own personal Whitesnake video, especially on windy days.
  4. Forge your own social successes. So you’re not part of the A-list. Make your own! Invite your favorite friends over for a potluck soiree. Have them invite their most interesting friends. Repeat. Before you know it, you’ll be in the center of an exciting social scene.
  5. Change your perspective. You don’t have to embrace the fashion magazine standard of glamour. Maybe for you, a crisp white shirt and classic blue jeans are the most elegant options. Forget the ritzy penthouse if vintage farmhouses float your boat. Glamour can be on your own terms.
  6. Don’t follow the trends, set them. If you follow trends, you’ll always be behind the curve. Amp up your glamour vibe by coming up with your own trends. Whether it’s in fashion, lifestyle, reading material, or anything that makes you feel creative, be a leader instead of a follower.
  7. Seek out ways to make the everyday extraordinary. This can mean hanging a vintage chandelier above your hand-me-down table, finding excuses to kiss in the rain, or just putting on high heels to hit the mailbox. If you’re feeling like your days have become a little beige, you don’t have to revamp your life, just add some color.

I don’t particularly recommend trying all of these. Pick out a couple that sound like “you” and give them a whirl. The point is that you don’t have to give up on life’s luxuries and little decadences just because you’re choosing a simpler life. You just need to pick the things that make your life better and more truly satisfying and focus on them. When you’ve got your own luxuries that you’ve consciously chosen, even the best marketing campaigns won’t be able to convince you that you need anything else.

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