Keeping My Spunk In Summer

Living in the South, the heat and humidity make it easy to adopt a “whatever is easiest and coolest” style for the summer. Believe me, there are totally days where I absolutely fall into this category but in my efforts to try to regain my spunk, I have tried to come up with some options to be both myself and comfortable this summer. Pinterest and Polyvore are both helpful and addicting when it comes to finding my perfect edgy summer style!

Some casual looks for the summer sun:

Summer Casual



Laid-back Summer Lovin'


A little more dressy:


Summer Stripes



Perfect for a night out on the town:

Pops of Pink



Summer Vintage Glam


Do you find that your style gets a lithe more lax in the summer? What are your favorite ways to keep spunky (not funky) in the heat?

 photo newsignature_zpsc3rhope3.jpg


  1. says

    i may have had a breakdown about my wardrobe. most all of my shirts require an undershirt (to meet my modesty standards) and i was going to an outdoor event.
    these outfits are super cute! i think a couple could even be worn solo (no under-required)

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