Daydreaming Of Spring Fashion

I am so incredibly over winter. I long for warm weather, a light breeze, and the sun on my skin. Cold temperatures not only affect my fibromyalgia (I like being able to move upon waking thank you very much) but it definitely affects my moods. I won’t go as far as self-diagnosed SAD (season affective disorder) but shorter daylight hours and being trapped indoors definitely brings me down. Since the time has changed this past weekend which has allowed us to enjoy the extra daylight outside, I definitely feel more relaxed and have more of a pep in my step. Sunshine is a beautiful thing!

In addition to making over my mood, I am beyond ready for spring to make over my wardrobe! Be gone sweaters and heavy jackets and hello t-shirts and airy dresses!

Today I am sharing a couple looks that have been created in my recent spring fashion dreams:


Edgy In Spring

I’m not sure what it is but I love stripes for warm weather. I know you can wear them all year round if you wish but I just dig it for spring and summer! I adore these pants but I’m not sure I have the confidence to pull them off. I already have the Skillet “Sick Of It” tank in my wardrobe because a) I absolutely love the song and b) it goes along with this year’s Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness theme! Should I try the stripes?




There is nothing that I love more in the warm months than adding crisp white pieces to my wardrobe. Its classic glam that can take you in any direction you want to go. I love adding a great statement necklace for spring as they can often be too hot and heavy for summer. Add a pop of color and you are good to go!


Sweet & Simple

You always need to have casual and comfortable staples in your closet and I just love this mermaid graphic t-shirt to celebrate warmer temperatures! Throw it on with some comfy jeans and sneakers and you are set for any springtime adventure!


Easter Vintage Glam

If someone could please deliver this outfit to my closet for Easter, I would be greatly appreciative! I love a beautiful vintage vibe and this mint dress has me drooling! It feels glamorous and feminine yet there is still the element of spunk and sass.


Are you as excited for spring as I am? What changes are you ready to make to your wardrobe as the warmer weather sets in?

What’s In My Bag: Spoonie Essentials & Natural Alternatives for Anxiety

What's In My Bag?


I am not sure what it is but there is something about women in which we love to know the secrets hiding in each others’ purses. Check out YouTube and it is chalk full of “What’s In My Bag?” videos. I will confess that I love watching those videos as much as I love makeup collection and organization videos. Some of those ladies have some CRAZY makeup collections!

Being women with chronic illnesses, I think our bags might look a little different inside than most. Half the time I feel like a walking pharmacy. Is it just me or is that a universal spoonie thing?

Just for kicks, here is a peek inside my bag:

What's In My Bag?

1- My Kindle: During long waits in the school pickup line and cheer practice, my Kindle keeps me occupied and helps me try my to keep “Shake It Off” & the rest of the cheer routine music out of my head. For a little while anyways.

2- A book about space from Chick-fil-a: When you’re a mom, a little bit of everything can end up in your bag. This goodie was the result from a weekend trip to the mall with the in-laws.

3- A mini cosmetic bag: My purse essentials include powder, a couple different lip products, Colgate Wisps, bobby pins, and nail clippers. I love this glittery bag I received as one of my Ipsy glam bags. Glitter is always welcomed.

4- Sunglasses: I never, ever spend a lot of money on sunglasses because I constantly lose them or break them. I always stock up at the begin of the season at the Dollar Tree when they get some cute options in.

5- Gum: A must for every bag. This Stride gum is flavored like Sour Patch Kids and is AMAZING.

6- My pill case: I picked up this cute little pill case on Cato’s on clearance and it is perfect. It comes with six different slots so I always keep Tylenol, Excedrin Migraine, Gluten Cutter (in case of cross contamination or if I am uncertain), Benadryl, Immodium, and Children’s Ibuprofen.

7- Ban Refresh Wipes: I am so glad I discovered these! Like the name says, they are a refreshing and seriously remind me of a grown up version of baby wipes. I have major hot flashes thanks for the joys of menopause but I also flash when I get anxious or panicked so these come in very handy.

8- Lypsyl: I had never ever heard of this lip balm before until YouTube but Hollie from HollieEatsLipstick recommended it and it is fantastic (especially in the colder months). You need to follow her channel. Trust me.

9- Coupons: This coupon book is from Walgreens but I am trying to get the hang of the couponing thing. So far I’ve gotten pretty good at couponing for makeup but something tells me I should work on expanding my saving capabilities :)

10- My Sony Bloggie camera: I got this camera for Christmas in efforts to figure out the whole vlogging thing but mostly I have been using it to record Abby cheering during basketball. I’ve done a couple of videos at this point (you can check them out here) but I haven’t done an actual vlog. I’m not sure I’m interesting enough. Let me know if that is something that would interest you at all!

11- Hand Cream: My hands get super, super dry and cracked during the winter so I always try to keep hand cream in my bag. This one is in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Bath & Body Works and makes me want to eat my hands off.

12- Bach RESCUE Pearls: I have been very open about my recent battle with anxiety. At home, it runs high but out and about? Lord, help me, there are days in which it can be paralyzing but I cannot hide at home forever. I need and want to be present for my family and by present, I mean something outside of being a giant ball of stress hanging out in the corner. These RESCUE Pearls are a new discovery and have worked wonderfully in helping me manage anxiety and stress when I am on the move. When you have chronic illness, often the last thing you want to do is to add any extra medications to your list than absolutely necessary so its great to find other alternatives.

I will be the first to admit that I have always given these types of natural supplements the side eye (a major side eye) but my mind has been changed. These are gentle, effective, and have no side effects. The RESCUE line also includes Pastilles (which are lozenges that work similar to the Pearls which melt under your tongue) as well as Sleep Liquid Melts and they can be found at CVS, Walgreens or wherever natural products are sold. If you are interested in giving the RESCUE line a whirl to help with stress or anxiety, you can visit the Bach RESCUE website for savings and more information.

Bach RESCUE Products



13- Hand Sanitizer: Sanitizer is always a must but especially during cold and flu season. Since Abby started school, I have found myself wanting to practically bathe in it when I think of all the germs floating around a kindergarten classroom. I love the mini hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works. This one was from their winter line but my absolute favorite is the Vanilla Cupcake. Another one of their “I want to eat my hands” scents.

14- Keys & Wallet: As is evident from this post, my bag holds quite a bit and there are certain things I feel like I need access to when I am out and about but I don’t always feel like lugging it in the store so I like keeping a small zip pouch/wallet attached to my keys for quick errands.

There you have it folks! You have learned all my dirty little secrets that live inside my handbag.

What are your essentials that you have to carry with you when you are out and about (either related to chronic illness or otherwise)? Do you have any tricks or tips that help keep you less stressed and more relaxed in your day to day life?


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