What I Would Have Packed

I had been counting down to June 22nd for months. I have had a ticker on my desktop and each time I saw it change, my inner girl squealed with delight! I was so ready to take on Type A Conference. I had such a blast at Bloggy Bootcamp that I bought my ticket for Type A the day they went on sale. I was so excited to reunite with some familiar faces as well as meet some new amazing people!

The June 3rd happened. I tried staying positive that maybe I would still be able to make it but when my hospital stay stretched from one week to two, I was faced with the reality that Type A was not in the cards for me this year. My heart broke as I tweeted the news from my hospital room. However it seemed in an instant, I had replies of support and encouragement from fellow Type A attendees that I was reminded just how amazing the Type A family is. Kelby Carr, the superhero behind Type A, has allowed me to transfer my ticket to next year and had she been in the same room with me I probably would have smothered her with hugs of gratitude.

Anyways, enough of the rambling. I had this week blocked off on my calendar for Type A recaps! Today’s post I am going to show you what I would have packed (come on, you know you want to know!) and tomorrow and Wednesday I’ll be giving some linky love to fellow attendees so we can see what awesome knowledge they have brought home!

So, let’s see that I would have taken to Type A:

Ruffled Grey Laptop Bag
My beautiful new laptop bag created by Anne of QualityCovers! I love that it girly yet completely functional! PS: If you are in the market for a laptop bag or case for your ipad or tablet, you can save 10% using code ANEWKINDOFNORMAL!

New Laptop

Of course a laptop bag is of no use unless you have a laptop to put in it! So excited to finally have a laptop of my own! I was excited to be able to add a touch of my blog’s mission using a decal.

Old School Blog Learning

I also knew that there would be times I wouldn’t want to shlep my laptop around so I packed old-school notebook and planner. Am I the only dork that gets excited by pretty pens?

Nikon DSLR with Camera bag
I also would have had my Nikon on hand to capture the bazillion awesome moments that I knew were going to take place! I’ve unfortunately outgrown my camera bag since I now have more than one lens so I’m in the market for a new bag. *cough* An Epiphanie bag would be great (Clover – in gray). *cough*

And last but not least:

My new jewelry collection

If a dollar was put in a jar every time the question “What are you wearing?” is asked before a blog conference, someone would be a millionaire. I didn’t show you clothes because well, there’s nothing exciting there but I have lately been working on finding some fun accessories to add personality to my outfits! These are my new finds!

If you’ve been to a conference, what is your must-have?

Disclosure: I found QualityCovers on etsy on my own and personally purchased a bag. After receiving my bag, the shop owner graciously offered to provide a discount for my readers. All opinions on the product are 100% my own .

I love hearing from you!