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What I Wish I Was Wearing Wednesday: Longing for Fall

Maybe its just me but words cannot express how ready I am for fall. This summer has been a scorcher and while there was once a time where I loved summer thunderstorms, with these joints I’m no longer a fan. We were supposed to head to the beach for vacation next month but because of my surgery eating up all my time off, it is now a no-go.

Add all that up and this lady is beyond ready for cooler temperatures, hoodies, and pumpkins.

I Live For Autumn
Source: Cape Cod Collegiate via Pinterest

And we all know what a change in temperature means – pulling out old cooler weather favorites and shopping for new additions!

I’ve been horribly slack in my What I Wore Wednesday posts and even more slack in putting any effort into my outfits. So today I’m going to share some inspiration I’ve come across for fall! Also, I have a review coming up that I cannot wait to share! Of course, its style related and I am in love!

Here are some looks that I would have to add to my What I Wish I Was Wearing Wednesday list including my favorite Pinterest* boards:


 Source: Fashionista Trends via Pinterest

I love the stripes and the boots! The only part of this outfit I don’t care for is the earrings!

Fall 2012 Sweater Outfit
Source: Polyvore via Pinterest
I love layers! This could definitely work for the office!

Sweater Dress and Boots for Fall
Source: Polyvore via Pinterest
I am noticing that I have a thing for strips and brown! Typically black is my go-to but I think this fall may be a time for change!

Who else has already been checking out fall fashion yet? What is on your What I Wish I Was Wearing Wednesday list?


***Important Note: If you love these outfits as much as I do and want to add them to your favorite Pinterest boards, please click through by clicking on the image or the link below so that you can pin the outfit to its original source***


5 comments on “What I Wish I Was Wearing Wednesday: Longing for Fall

  1. Joanna says:

    OH I couldn’t agree more! I love the fall, everything about it! I got married in the fall and our colors were fall colors! Love it! And cute outfits!!

  2. Anna Popescu says:

    I am also anxiously waiting for fall’s cooler weather. Summer’s high temps + high humidity just does me in! Let’s hang in there together, okay? It WILL be cooler soon…

  3. Annabelle says:

    Weirdly, I am still completely not ready for fall (winter coming! cold!), but am full on into shopping for fall fashion. I just can’t actually *wear* the things I buy yet…


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