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Top 10 Thursday a day late (sorry!)

Top 10 Reasons why I hate Menopause:

1. My mood swings faster than any amusement park ride.

2. I cannot find a deodorant that seems to work with my body for more than a week.

3. I get so hot while trying to blow dry my hair that it ends up damp from sweat again by the time I’m through.

4. My hair itself has also gone through the change of life and has a complete mind of its own.

5. Said hair keeps falling out.

6. I get strange looks from old ladies when I’m fanning myself from hot flashes while out in public.

7. My body thinks I’m too old to have any *ahem* fun.

8. I cannot carry a dainty pretty pillbox. Instead I have to use a train case to haul my pills and supplements.

9. Everyone at my pharmacy knows me by name and they don’t even have to ask what my birthday is anymore.

10. And lastly (but the most sucky) is having common pregnancy symptoms (bloating, nausea, etc) but never have a shot of it being real.

2 comments on “Top 10 Thursday a day late (sorry!)

  1. Mandy says:

    oh honey… I have PCOS and have had these EXACT same things..especially the 'constant' pg symptoms.. ugh..

    it gets worse each month.. I don't like any of my 'treatment' options.. so I have no idea what I'm gonna do. I guess..I'll just be crampy, bloated, and sweaty with ya! 😉

  2. Kerri says:

    Oh my WORD this is hilarious! I'm ALWAYS hot, but I don't think it's hot flashes yet. Here in MIchigan, it's so humid that we need another shower after we get OUT of the shower because we get damp from sweat all over again!

    And the pill thing…HYSTERICAL! That's me…I take like 20 a day!
    Thanks for the laugh today!!


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