Top 10 Thursday

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I just had to join in and share the blackberry love!

Top 10 Reasons why I love my Blackberry

10. It continues to feed my Facebook addiction….now if only they could find a way where you can farm from your blackberry…..

9. Constant email access (which may or may not be a good thing).

8. Being able to say adios to T9 texting (which I was never any good at).

7. Oh my love for the navigation app! It has saved me many times from getting completely and utterly lost.

6. The games! When you spend hours waiting in doctor’s office waiting rooms, you need something to pass the time besides outdated Time magazines. Word Mole has become my new favorite.

5. Actually having phone with a decent camera and video to catch Abby in all of her cuteness (since I always forget to pack our digital camera or the Flip)

4. Being able to sync with my computer so both stay up to date with contacts and doctors appointments (okay…there are occasionally other appointments I need to keep up with as well…which reminds me that I need to call my hair stylist….)

3. I feel like I finally have a phone as cool as our kids at church.

2. Now that I have figured out how to set the keyboard lock, I can easily slip it in my back pocket (no more butt dialing!)

1. With web-browsing, I can now blog from anywhere! Woo-hoo!

I love hearing from you!

  1. My list is almost the same as yours, except I haven't figured out how to sync it to my Google calendar yet and haven't tried the games. It's only been two weeks though–I'm proud that I've gotten the hang as much as I have.

  2. So true! I am an iphone girl, but i firmly believe that one you have a smart phone, any smart phone, you can never go back! The butt dialing had me giggling!