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My Favorite Things – October Edition

Every one in a while I love to do a “Few of My Favorite Things” post just to share some of the things I’m loving at the moment and maybe introduce you to a thing or two I’ve discovered either on the net or out and about!


I am not sure if I have shared my love of VeryJane before or not but if I have, let me reiterate, I L-O-V-E VeryJane. If you are a big fan of shopping handmade and Etsy and have not discovered this site yet, you must check it out. I love supporting small businesses and getting a good deal so this is perfect! Actually, it is pretty dangerous. I will avoid admitting how much shopping I’ve done this month because of the cute deals! These are just a couple of the deals happening now: - Handmade Boutique Deals

 Source: 1/2/3

(Sidenote: I am planning on creating a Holiday Gift guide featuring shops and small businesses of fellow chronic illness warriors and those in the adoption journey so if you would like me to give your shop a shout-out please shoot me an email!)

2. Old Navy Dresses

I’ve always loved dresses but with my continuing incision issues, dresses have totally become my BFF and I am loving some of the new ones Old Navy has out for the fall! I actually own these two and cannot rave about them enough:

Favorite Fall Old Navy Dresses

 Source: 1/2

These two dresses are super comfortable and look great with flats and boots! I’m hoping to add one of these cute striped sweater dresses to my collection for my birthday!

3. Kat Von D Makeup

I love playing with makeup, especially eyeshadow. When I haven’t been digging the way clothes were working on my body, I have always been able to lean on being able to play around with my makeup (and my hair color) to add a little spunk. I’ve been a fan of Kat Von D since Miami Ink so I was excited when she started a new makeup line with Sephora. I have tried several of the products in her makeup line over the years and absolutely love her eyeshadow palettes! My favorite is Sinner but I am early awaiting Saint to come back in stock! The price is above my typical price point but the color is very pigmented and a little goes a long way so I feel like it justifies the price a bit. I also know in comparison to some of the other designer brands, it actually falls on the lower end of the spectrum. I am used to buying my make up at Wal-mart but as I am aging maturing, I am starting to care  a little more about the quality of products I am using to protect my skin. Earning cash back with Ebates does help soften the blow a bit!

4. The Lazy Leopard Earrings

I have been on the search for a set of earrings that I could wear every day in all three of my holes. It has been quite a hunt to find something I liked and then I came across the Lazy Leopard shop on Etsy and found these cute and simple spiral hoops!

Simple Spiral Earrings

Source: 1

The hunt is over! They arrived on Friday and while it took patience to get them in, I am in love! If you are looking for a simple pair of earrings or a cute ear cuff, I would highly recommend this shop!

5. Ghost Hunters

I know it seems like a big shift in gears since the previous four favorites have been shopping related but since I’ve been shopping for the seasons on DVD, it isn’t too big a stretch is it? My husband makes fun of me all the time (especially being a seminary graduate) but I am in love with this show! I’m not sure what it is. Ever since the summer, I have been thinking more about whether or not I believe the paranormal exists and if so, how do I line that up with my faith. I won’t claim to have had any crazy encounters with ghosts in my life (although some crazy things happened in my dorm in college and we jokingly named the “ghost” Sally) but I do know two very strong women of faith who stand by their experiences so I have to ask myself whether or not it exists. I am totally beside myself on what to think so if you have thoughts on it and want to chat, by all means, please email me! Of course, there are a lot of people who claim that any paranormal show on TV is fake but of all I have watched I would believe this one the most and have been collecting the DVDs when I find good deals on Amazon to keep my occupied when I am bed-bound (it doesn’t hurt that there are some handsome guys with tattoos in the group either…lol)

What have been some of your favorite things lately?

disclosure: all images are property of the shop owners

2 comments on “My Favorite Things – October Edition

  1. brooke says:

    love the ear loops!! i’ve only got 2 holes in each ear (and very small ears) so i doubt i’d be able to rock that look but its so cute!!

    • Jamee says:

      The ear loops in the picture are actually for 2 holes! It just looks like you have three! I ordered mine longer for 3 holes and it actually looks like I have 4 when I have them in! You could totally rock it 🙂


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