Let’s Talk About YOU Tuesday!

PhotobucketI really wasn’t sure what to do with Let’s Talk About You Tuesdays.  I wasn’t sure if it was enjoyable or just plain cheesy but thanks to your wonderful survey responses, I have decide to keep it rolling!

So for today, let’s be completely random!

List 7 Random Things About Yourself!

Here are mine:

1- My left leg is slightly shorter than my right.

2- I have to lock the bathroom door twice.

3- My family  has mexican every year for Christmas Eve dinner.

4- My family nickname is Pig.

5- My first trip on a plane totaled 22 hours of flying time (VA to New Zealand).

6- I can out-burp my husband.

7- I haven’t had my natural hair color since the 11th grade.

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I love hearing from you!

  1. 1. When I am at college, I live on an island. It is magnificent, and I have an ocean view from my single dorm room.

    2. I have synesthesia, which is a cross-wiring of the senses. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia One of my types of synesthesia makes me experience pain in colors and sound.

    3. I have 4 younger brothers.

    4. I love figure drawing, and especially drawing women.

    5. I have a compulsive habit of folding paper cranes out of anything (straw wrappers, post-it notes, etc.).

    6. I played the French horn for 9 years, and I wish I still did.

    7. Some day I want to live in a yurt (weird, I know…).

      • Woohoo! Awesome. 😀 I haven’t played in way too long… My major is Human Ecology, which basically means I am studying everything – it’s interdisciplinary. My focus is in fine arts and creative writing. I want to be a writer- illustrator.

  2. A Seven Step Random Walk

    I’ve been on ice skates since I could stand up and I’m now almost 50. I literally don’t remember learning how to ice skate.

    My son is learning how to drive and it scared the hell out of me.

    I forgot many years ago how to have fun. I turn everything into work and it is something I am now trying to fix.

    I adore my black cat. She is the oldest cat I’ve ever had. She turned ten this year and is starting to slow down herself. She is very happy that I’m home all the time now to keep her company.

    I love the outdoors. I have always wanted to hike the Appalatian trail. The whole thing from end to end.

    I love art, theatre, music. I adore going to musical theatre. The last thing I saw in a theatre was Riverdance which was spectacular.

    I studied Buddhism under a real nun for three years. I loved it and I miss her.

  3. 1. Until I went to college you could drive passed every placed I’d ever lived in about an hour.
    2. I have never broken a bone.
    3. I once went backpacked 20 miles through the mountains on a sprained ankle.
    4. I have visited six countries and never left North America.
    5. I attended the same school for nine years.
    6. I have four living grandparents, all in their 70s.
    7. I am a Lutheran.

  4. Wow! Those are some interesting facts about yourself.
    I like chocolate and Dr. pepper.
    And laughing with my friends…


    Thanks for tweeting at me to show me your awesome blog!
    Sweet! I like it!

  5. 1. I used to work in television. In the 5 years I worked I had 3 different jobs in 2 different cities and moved 5 times. It was awesome!

    2. Now I want to be a photographer.

    3. I am the only person in my family without a master’s degree.

    4 I had never heard of Chrone’s disease before I was diagnosed with it 3 years ago.

    5. I’ve been sick every Thanksgiving since I got married in 2004.

    6. I tried from 6th grade until freshman year of college to play the violin, practiced constantly, it just wasn’t for me.

    7. I love to color, it’s incredibly relaxing.