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Just for Fun: 4 Things

Every once in a while I think its fun to do a blog survey if I come across one that’s cool. With this particular one you are supposed to have been tagged but I’ve always been a rule breaker so here goes! It was too fun to pass up!

4 things in my handbag:

  1. My MomAgenda – I love this thing! I don’t know how I survived without it!
  2. My wallet
  3. A paci – for a toddler who is once again teething (seriously 2 yr molars at not even 19 months?  Can’t we catch a break?)
  4. Cell phone with a game to keep said toddler happy

4 things on my desk

  1. Hand cream – the cooler weather has been brutal to my skin already
  2. Dr. Pepper or Coke – I still haven’t kicked the habit (shameful I know)
  3. Calendar w/ Abby’s pictures from the previous year (which makes me sad!)
  4. A various array of cell phones (the joy of the job)

4 things in my bedroom

  1. TV in hopes that we can enjoy adult TV instead of Nick Jr
  2. Dog beds – Charlie caught the hint, Chloe has not who insists on sleeping on the bed but at least she stays at the foot of the bed
  3. A pile of various toys that Abby carts
  4. A pile of laundry that needs to be put away but somehow manages to sit on the ottoman at the foot of the bed until Abby carts it off

4 things I have always wanted to do (but haven’t tried yet)

  1. Sky diving
  2. Drive a race car – I had the chance to win tickets to do so but instead I won a ticket to ride in the pacecar at the All-Star Race which was awesome! And makes me want to drive a race car more!
  3. Hit up the beaches of Mexico.  One day hopefully!
  4. Run a 5k (currently scheduled for Dec 11th)

4 things I enjoy very much at the moment

  1. the crisp fall weather
  2. Abby being in the “mommy phase” and always wanting to give me hugs
  3. the scent of pumpkin spice
  4. not being in school for the first time since I was 4!

4 songs I cannot get out of my  head:

  1. Anything VeggieTales. I wake up singing them.
  2. I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas
  3. The House that Built Me – Miranda Lambert
  4. Piece of Glass – Caedmon’s Call

4 things you did not know about me:

  1. I am deathly afraid of spiders. When I moved into my new office it was a spider haven and I thought I would die.
  2. My left leg is lightly shorter than my right.
  3. I spent 3 weeks as a student ambassador in New Zealand and Australia when I was 15.
  4. I am older than my husband by 19 months – I am such a cougar!

Now its your turn!  If you choose to participate, leave a link so I can come read your answers!

2 comments on “Just for Fun: 4 Things

  1. Baffled says:

    This is a fun project. I hope a lot of your reader particiapte.


  2. Katie says:

    (I already get harassed for updating my blog too much… but I wanted to participate) 🙂

    Four Things in my purse:
    1. Sunglasses
    2. my Fishing license (from another state)
    3. a picture of Kevin’s from Romania… he dropped it and I have yet to return it to him
    4. Advil

    Four Things on my desk
    1. Burning Bright by Ron Rash
    2. An orange book of Bible verses from my friend Ruth
    3. A glass-blown pen holder
    4. My prayer rock from Pastor Rob

    Four Things in my Bedroom
    1. Overflowing bookshelves
    2. Tiles to put on the carpet so my computer doesn’t overheat
    3. A clown I made out of paper-mache in fourth grade
    4. A goat-skin rug

    Four Things I’ve Always wanted to do (but haven’t done yet)
    1. Go to Europe
    2. Be able to play guitar
    3. Be able to cook
    4. Be a mom

    Four Things I enjoy very much at the moment
    1. This Lazy Bones Day
    2. The quiet apartment
    3. Purple things
    4. the music from my iPod

    Four Songs I can’t get out of my head
    1. “For the Moments I Feel Faint” by Relient K
    2. “Abba, I Belong to You” by Peder Eide
    3. “Running Just to Catch Myself” by Mark Schultz
    4. “Bicycle” by Queen (HATE IT!)

    Four Things you didn’t know about me:
    1. I have never had a boyfriend
    2. I am very prone to bloody noses
    3. My roommate became and aunt last week, and I’m dying to hold the baby!
    4. I love raking leaves


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