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Greetings from Florida!

We finally made it to our resort after driving around iOrlando for an hour! Thanks to MapQuest! But we are here…in one piece! The plane ride was…interesting…we had a dip at one point and that really freaked me out! But we really didn’t have any problems at all!

I did arrive with a migraine so I’m hoping that it was just from the long day of traveling and a good night’s sleep with take it away! We really don’t have much planned for tomorrow except sleeping in and hitting the pool 🙂

Hopefully this weeks proves to be just what we need to relax before surgery!

We will also be spending alot of time this week in prayer for our adoption. While we still really like the Korea program, we are not sure if God isn’t opening doors to go another direction! Either way we are excited to be a part of the journey God has us on!

I love hearing from you!

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