Ask Me Anything: Celebrating Five Years of Blogging (Late)

With my *exciting* summer, I totally missed my FIVE year blogoversary (July 7th)! I was hoping to do a big blowout bash with all the bells and whistles as I mean, come on, five years in the blogging world is a big deal, right? Right?

Unfortunately sometimes the best of intentions never follow through and with the chaos of multiple hospitalizations, recovery, and the chaos that ensued, I completely blanked on the five year celebration. Completely blanked. As in didn’t realized it had passed until this week. Oops.

So I decided to combine one of my favorite types of posts – Ask Me Anything – and have a mini-celebration as well!

Now as a disclaimer, I am far, far from a blogging expert but I do hope I’ve learned a thing or two in the last five years so I would love to open up the floor to try to answer any of your questions you have about blogging! If I cannot provide an answer, I will work to help find one!

I will collect questions all week and then next Tuesday I’ll post my answers to your questions!

Five Years of Blogging Fun

I love hearing from you!

  1. how do you get out of a blogging rut?

    do you ever get disappointed if a blog doesn’t get as many comments as you feel it deserves?

    If NCIS never existed, what would your favorite show be?

  2. how do you keep on keeping on when it feels like the body’s winning? in a response to hearing of my spike in issues in 2012, the X sent a reminder that i am more than a body (he knew the muscle loss etc would be an issue). i DO know that, but i feel so much like my body is winning out and pulling my mind down so i can’t even count on being able to say a full sentence, let alone write. you’ve had MUCH more serious trauma than i have, but i’ve def kept on losing more and more pieces of health and it is hard to keep fighting. i’m not a spiritual person, although i totally respect that it is part of your answer (and may sometimes be jealous), it isn’t one i can relate to

    • ok…i missed that it was sorta “ask me anything about BLOGGING” but that kinda counts too….i can’t find the energy and feel like i’m a one-track record (aside from my books….i have to get a few reviews out but they require a lot of concentration and i want to feel semi-professional since i do get the books free in exchange for the online reviewing

  3. Ok, my question doesn’t have to do with blogging (so feel free to eliminate it, respond privately, or save it for a later date) and I’m not even sure it make sense BUT… What do you suggest is the best way to start conversation with someone with a chronic illness? Obviously the traditional, “How are you?” is out. How about compliment? (For the record, choose well because it’ll be my conversation starter for the rest of life).