Easy French Manicure

Starting off my week of trying to pull it together with something fun (and easy)! I’ve always been a sucker for a french manicure but have absolutely no skills doing them on my own. I think I have purchased every type of french manicure polish sets at one point or another without having any luck.

Then I got lucky with the wonderful present called Pinterest!

This is the tutorial I came across by Popcosmo.com:

Easy French Manicure At Home

Click image to go to tutorial. Image belongs to popcosmo.com

I set off to try my hand at attempting the french manicure with these supplies:

Attempting a DIY French Manicure

Paper hole reinforcers, ZOYA Breezi, ZOYA Mira, and Orly Won’t Chip Topcoat

Step 2: I had already had the base coat painted so I went straight to applying the hole reinforcers:

Step Two of Easy DIY French Manicure

Step 3: Applying Nail Polish:

Step Three of Easy DIY French Manicure

I learned the key here is to take the reinforcers off as soon as you are finished with the hand. Leaving them on longer makes it difficult to have a clean line.

Step 4: Apply topcoat and DONE!


My final verdict is that it really was super easy, especially when I learned to take the reinforcers off sooner rather than later! My color combo didn’t quit have the pop I wanted but it turned out ok and now I feel confident in trying it again!

Now to plan what to try next!

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