Day 15: My Must-Have

Day 15: Something you cannot leave the house without

Of course things like my keys, wallet, and cell phone are automatically on my “must have” list so I’ll try to pick something a little more unique. In this day and age, most people carry smart phones which have tons of bells and whistles including a calendar. However, I cannot stick to using an electronic calendar. I don’t know what it is but I have to have a paper calendar. I’ve went through many, many brands of calendars before finding this dream:


This beauty was created by Erin Condren and it is absolutely fabulous. I love that it is spiral bound and has a spot for everything! There are monthly calendars, weekly calendars, and spots for important numbers and notes! Thanks to the wonderful phenomenon know as “fibro fog” I sometimes have trouble remembering things so this planner has been a Godsend!  Everything goes in this baby including meal plans, blog post ideas, and doctors appointments! Seriously, if you have been looking for a planner to get organized as a part of your 2012 resolutions, definitely check this brand out!

What do you never leave the house without?

I love hearing from you!

  1. That’s beautiful! I used to be a paper calendar girl. We now all 3 use Google Calendar and we are all given share privileges to each other’s calendars so we an see what each other’s schedules look like.

    • We have used Google calendars at work before and maybe when Abby gets a little older we may try that but whats funny is that John is a paper-calendar guy too! Of course, his is no where near being as cool as mine but he has to write everything down too! Usually at the beginning of the month we will both break out our calendars so we can be sure we know what the other is doing!

  2. We use Google Calendar too, all three of us. Then I have a separate calendar created for our dinner menus. I like having them on a separate calendar because when I’m not looking for them, I can just click it off & it won’t be in my way.

    Funny that you mention the “fibro fog”. RSDS causes it as well. They’ve never quite figured out if it’s a symptom of the disease or a manifestation of chronic pain/sleep deprivation. Regardless, I totally get what you mean about having to write everything down!

    • I’ve tried keeping separate calendars and I just get overwhelmed. I used to pride myself on being able to remember everything and being able to multitask like a champ but that’s not the case anymore. Sigh. I worry about when I get old! LOL

  3. I love paper calendars too! I use real paper correspondence less than I should, but there’s something so enjoyable about the art, and there are so many beautiful ones out there. I’m always having to keep myself from myself from buying blank books and stationery that I don’t actually need.

    • I definitely want to start making a habit of writing letters more often. Hand-written, pretty paper, snail-mailed letters. I know email and text and facebook are all wonderful ways to communicate but I think sometime it can seem so impersonal in comparison to a hand-written letter. I think I’m going to put buying pretty paper on my to-do list for the weekend!

  4. I forget things all the time so I can’t say there’s anything I don’t leave my home without (including locking my keys inside a few times but that’s another story :)). I’d say, I don’t leave home without…wearing something comfortable. I’m not a person big on fashion unless that fashionable outfit happens to also be comfortable. I call my style, “comfy chic” but my husband calls it “comfy comfy” and says I’m still working on the chic part :).

  5. Love it! So pretty AND useful! I always have some kind of paper around me to write on. This would be great!

    • All of her products are awesome and you can usually find some good deals using coupon codes! Definitely worth every penny!

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