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Ask Me Anything!

Wanted to try something new today! My pain levels are way up and Abby didn’t sleep at all (another insomnia spell – she really was trying to fall asleep but just couldn’t) so I am dragging with a capital D. I will be taking a nap on my lunch break as a matter of survival.

So in light of perking up my day, give me your questions! Serious, funny, random, doesn’t matter! You can either leave them as a comment or send them in an email to anewkindofnormal (at) gmail (dot) com.

I will answer all questions in a post on Thursday!


8 comments on “Ask Me Anything!

  1. Brooke says:

    do you fart in front of your husband?

    have you ever shown him a turd b/c you were proud of its size/girth?

    do you sort your shirts by sleeve length, collar, or color? and if all which takes priority.

    flats or heels?

    do you like ramen noodles? (its okay, i do too)

    have you ever considered plastic surgery – if so on what body part?

    what is the one thing you’re most proud of in life? (husband, mommihood, and God don’t count)

    if you could have any car in the world – what would it be?

    you have 2 minutes to spend $1 million dollars, but you can’t spend more than $100,000 at any one place, how do you spend it?

  2. Mendie says:

    Hmmm….what 3 things to you think that I NEED to register for or buy for the baby? What could you have not lived without during those first few months with Abby?

  3. FeliciaFibro says:

    Sorry you’re feeling so icky today, but I love your “must-ache” image, LOL!

    What is your favorite, quick, non-crock-pot main dish recipe?

  4. mamie says:

    when can we go on a tropical vacation?
    when are we going to merge households? abby and I both have insomnia it would totally work.

  5. roo says:

    So after reading Brooke’s questions I’m thinking nothing I ask could be nearly as interesting. 🙂

    Is your entire family gluten-free because of your Celiac or do you cook/fix your items separately from theirs?

    What is Abby’s favorite word?

    What plan did you follow to lose the weight?

    What’s your favorite exercise?

    Are the contents of your dresser/closet neat or do you just throw things in there?

    Filer or piler?

  6. Who is your blog’s target audience? =)

    Good luck with the pain!



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