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My New Fertility Monitor: Moving Forward in Tackling Infertility

Its funny that even at the age of 25 I get so excited when I go to the mailbox and get a package! When you are an adult, the mailbox isn’t always fun so when you pull out something besides a bill, you get excited. Yesterday, my new Clearblue Fertility Monitor came in so I spent the evening trying to figure out how to work it. How knew a piece of equipment which required you to POAS (pee on a stick) every morning could be so complicated. But I have to say this new arrival did help me take the news of having to postpone IUI another month a little better. I’m still a little bummed but still very hopeful that maybe this will finally be OUR month. After talking to the doctor yesterday, we also decided to postpone pursuing a second diagnosis to explain my lingering symptoms. I have a feeling that when we finally get around to making a second diagnosis it will be fibromylgia but we will see! At least I can say the past couple days have been very good in the pain department. Outside of hormone-induced headaches, I have been relatively pain-free which is very exciting. I’m hoping this new fertility monitor will help us moving forward in tackling infertility and I’m hoping that July will be a lucky month!

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