IUI Mission Accomplished!

We had the IUI this morning around 9:45am. John couldn’t be with me because of a children’s event at church and I so wish that he could have been there to hold my hand. The whole process was definitely far from comfortable! I felt like I was some sort of science experiment! My doctor’s office has had a nurse practioner student for the last couple weeks and she had never seen an insemination before so she sat in on mine. So there I am with all of my female glory on display! LOL! My doctor kept asking the nurse for various instruments and the whole time I kept thinking, “Holy cow woman! How many things are you going to stick up there??” Then she said, “Jamee, I’m sorry but you are not going to like me much right now” and then..pinch..holy moly! But the pain passed quickly at least! So within 15 mintues the whole procedure was over. But I got to lay down for another 20 minutes just for good measure. She gave me a test date of August 10th if nothing else happens before then. Do you know how far off that is? That is 18 days away! How am I going to make it?? My nerves are on edge now! Holy moly. I’m going to have to start a new hobby to keep my mind off of it! But to end with something funny, throughout the whole procedure I had Dora from Finding Nemo in my head singing “Just keep swimming….” You hear that boys?

I love hearing from you!

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