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Its been awhile…..

It has definitely been awhile since I have blogged. Nothing thrilling has taken place. Same old same old. Except for now I have the luxury of my endo pain returning! I’m such a lucky girl! *Note sarcasm. I have actually come to a place of personally researching the effectiveness of a hysterectomy on relieving endo pain. I would have never guessed I would make it to this point. Currently we are planning for IVF in two years (it will take that long to get finances together and for me to be out of school to be able to make monitoring appointments). I have yet to be able to make it two years without surgery since my diagnosis. What does that mean? A part of me longs for a biological child while another part of me is like, clean me out and let me adopt if it means I will be a healthy, happy mom. There is just way too much going on! I am also research natural remedies as well and will explore all options before making any kind of definitive decision. Its just hard to understand where God is in all this. I know He has plans to prosper me, but do His plans include a hysterectomy at 26? I don’t know. Please pray for me!


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