My Gift Wrapping Secret Trick

One of my favorite things about this time of year is wrapping gifts! I love it all – picking out the paper, adding ribbons, the whole nine yards! My husband would love to give a huge thank you to the inventor of gift bags but I love going “old school” and wrapping. I find it very therapeutic some reason. I’m not sure if its the opportunity to take some time to from the hustle and bustle of the season, turn on a favorite Christmas movie or music and possible enjoy some alone time or the opportunity to be a little creative with fun paper and colorful ribbons. Maybe both!

My second job was working retail at a department store named Peebles and one of my occasional duties was gift wrap and it was then that I learned the trick of seamless wrapping and I’ve been in love ever since! It makes your gift so sleek and pretty as the goal is to have the seams blend in with the corners of the box versus having a big seam running down the middle of the bottom of the package! I love clean lines and symmetry so I took to this method of wrapping very quickly and I thought I would share a quick how-to! I had a lovely assistant to help me with the process!


First, cut the paper to the correct size to cover the package (the lovely paper I picked up this year had a grid to help with straight lines! Score!):

Step 1 - Seamless Gift Wrapping Tutorial


Second, place the gift bottom-side up on the paper. Pull the paper over the gift and fold the paper down over the top edge of the gift and fold a small portion of the paper down to create a straight seam. Line up the top edge of the paper with the top edge of the box. Do not tape yet. Before releasing, create crease on bottom side.

Step 2 - Seamless Gift Wrapping Tutorial


Move that edge of the paper out of the way and now we will work on the opposite side. Pull the paper over the top edge of the paper and tape. The paper should only cover a small portion of the gift (this will be covered).

Step 3 - Seamless Gift Wrapping Tutorial


Once taped, pull the paper back up from the bottom and line the edge of the paper back up the edge of the gift box and secure with tape. The seam of the paper becomes “hidden” by the edge of the box.

Step 4 - Seamless Gift Wrapping Tutorial


Create creases on all four edges of the gift box for a crisper look before turning your attention to the ends of the package. Follow the same principle in folding the edges of the package by securing paper seams with tape along the edges of the box.

Step 5 - Seamless Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Repeat on the opposite end and you are DONE! You have now conquered seamless wrapping! Now have a blast adding beautiful ribbon and a gift tag!
Step 6 - Seamless Gift Wrapping Tutorial

I hope you enjoy! This is my first step-by-step tutorial so I hope it made sense! If it doesn’t please let me know!

Do you enjoy wrapping gifts as well or are you more of a gift-bagger? 


2 comments on “My Gift Wrapping Secret Trick

  1. Very pretty, chica! I’m terrible at wrapping (though not husband terrible LOL). Plus I always get oddly shaped gifts and never put them in boxes.

  2. Very nice.. I feel inspired and just in time as I have gifts to wrap today! I am usually a bag laday (!), because I’m really bad at wrapping. And because I’m bad, and it tends to look like a three year old did it, I tend to not do it. However, you give me hope of trying to relax and enjoy the process, we’ll see. Thanks for the lesson! I never really thought about there being a “good” way! Helen


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