11 in 2011: Favorite Holiday Memory

It is so hard to pick out just one favorite memory from this Christmas as it was amazing! Last year had its own specialness being Abby’s first Christmas but this one was special in its own way.

This was our first Christmas in our new home and it was our first Christmas that we stayed home! We have always traveled to visit our families but this year we decided to stay put and invited our families to join us here in NC.

So if I had to choose, I would say Christmas Eve was my favorite part of the holiday season. I think what made it special was that it was just the three of us and we were able to incorporate traditions into our family (as well as start a new one).

Abby and I baked cookies for Santa that afternoon before getting ready for the Christmas Eve service. John and I have been in ministry together for years but have never gone to our own Christmas Eve service where we serve. We have always been on the road so it was great to be able to worship and fellowship with members of our congregation by candlelight.

After the service, we came home and I baked Mexican pizza! My family has always had a tradition to eat Mexican on Christmas Eve (not sure when or why the tradition started but its my most cherished) so I was really excited to start the tradition in our home. The pizza turned out great (even Abby loved it).

Abby opened up a new pair of PJs (another family tradition) before we all snuggled down to watch A Christmas Story before bed. After tucking Abby in, Hubs and I prepared for Santa’s arrival!

I’m not sure what made the day so amazing but it was. I can’t wait to relive it next year!

2 comments on “11 in 2011: Favorite Holiday Memory

  1. Baffled says:

    Your holidays sound great. I am so happy that you had a good Christmas. BTW, I liked your idea of having Mexican food on Christmas eve so much I talked my family in going out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. We had a great time and we all decided to do it again next year. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Elli Davis says:

    Aww, what a cutie! And what a positive post! Isn’t staying at home for the holidays the best? Yeah, it means more cooking, cleaning and everything but there’s simply no place like home. Oh, and creating family traditions is one of the most awesome parts of Christmas!


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