Going Green

Lately, I have been trying to make the move towards living an eco-friendly lifestyle. As a Christian, I feel that God has called us to be stewards of the beautiful earth that He created. In addition to that I believe that it is a healthier lifestyle all the way around. I have finished reading Green Chic which I highly recommend! John & I have started recycling and we have made the decision to cloth diaper when our baby comes home. In addition to the massive expense of disposable diapers, our landfills are packed enough without adding tons and tons of diapers. I am working on working more organic foods into our diets and I am really REALLY trying to kick the soda habit once and for all. ::raising hand:: My name is Jamee and I am a Dr. Pepper-a-holic. It has been 1hour since my last Dr. Pepper. I am really wanting to start weening off my medications as well (esp those that I feel like aren’t helping me). So I will keep you all posted on the great things I come across on my journey to be eco-friendly! I have added a list of “green” links and I will be adding to it as I come across more fabulous things!

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