A Frozen Inspired Bedroom & Birthday

It is not a secret that we love Frozen in this house. My husband would probably say that I love it even more than Abby. I love music, what can I say?  So when Abby’s birthday drew closer, we not only started planning her party but started planning to create her “big girl” bedroom. Her request for both was Frozen.

Of course I scoured Pinterest for ideas and I am actually proud to say that I actually completed some of the projects I pinned! Crazy, right?  

After painting and redecorating, her Frozen inspired bedroom was complete:

Frozen Themed Bedroom

Instead of having a big birthday party, we spent the day at the local Merry Go Round Festival with friends and family and of course she had to have her face painted to match her Frozen dress (created by 5 Little Elephants). It comes around every year on her birthday so she thinks its pretty cool that they set up a fair just for her birthday 🙂

Custom Elsa Dress

If you have a little girl who loves Frozen, then you might have gone through the same insanity of trying to find an Elsa dress (or any Frozen merchandise for that matter). Dresses that were originally sold at the Disney Store for $50 were being marked up online for $200 or more which is INSANE so I took to Etsy and found an amazing seller, Merry Mary’s Creations, who created this gorgeous Elsa dress:

Custom Disney Elsa Dress

Abby was so excited to open her presents to find her Frozen dress which of course had to immediately be tried on! If you ask her, she looks exactly like Elsa. Dramatic performances of movie scenes and songs quickly followed.

I cannot leave out the amazing Frozen-inspired birthday cake created by Keystone Confections! It was gluten-free and absolutely delicious:

Frozen Birthday Cake

In this picture it looks like Olaf’s arm is on fire but as he said in the movie, some people are worth melting for!

While it is hard to believe that Abby is now 5 and will be starting kindergarten in the fall, it was definitely a birthday to remember!

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8 comments on “A Frozen Inspired Bedroom & Birthday

  1. Cheryl says:

    i’m a little unsure if i should post this, but there’s something i LOVE about A not seeing what would jump out to someone else as a difference between Abby and Elsa. maybe this post shows that i am not in that same place (open-minded, equality-driven, and i don’t believe i’m the least bit racist, but i can’t say i don’t SEE color), but i find it so beautiful (and a sign of great parenting).

    great job! esp given the struggles of 2014

    • Jamee says:

      I know exactly what you mean! We have tried to instill in our family that love knows no bounds. I love seeing Abby’s grow into a sweet, compassionate, confident little girl with a wild imagination and no shortage of creativity! Some days I just watch her play and praise God that He picked me to be her mama.

  2. Lindsey says:

    What did you use for the lighting? My step daughter is gone to her mom’s for the summer and when she comes home for school I want her room to be a frozen suprise!

    • Jamee says:

      I ordered them off of Amazon! Just search for “fairy lights” and several options will come up! I used 2 strands of lights and used the small clear command hooks to hang the lights and then just hung a sheer white curtain panel on top! Hope this helps!

  3. Michele says:

    Where did you get the comforter?

  4. Julie Williamson says:

    I love your ideas, maybe you can help me. My 15 year old granddaughter lives with me and I am looking for some ideas on curtains and bedspread for her room. Any suggestions?

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