Proud of Myself

I am so proud of standing up for myself at work! I sat down with my boss and we had a really good conversation about what my responsibilities are and how we can take care of me being left with everyone else’s junk. So YAY for me 🙂 I also started reading “Captivating” last night and it is absolutely wonderful! I got through the first 2 chapters and felt completely energized. It says that the three desires of a woman’s heart are to 1) be romanced, 2) be an irreplaceable part of an adventure, and 3) to feel beautiful. I can honestly say that sums me up. I felt very refreshed to know that my desires are put in place by a God who wants the same thing from us. He wants to romance us. He wants to be an irreplacable part of our lives. And He wants to reveal His beauty to us. How awesome is that?! I just feel so much more secure in my own skin today! While I may feel tired and run down physically, I am emotionally and spiritually refreshed. God is so good! Oh and I’m 2 days late 🙂

I love hearing from you!

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