It still feels like Monday

Even though I know good & well its Tuesday. I am SO tired. I’m trying really hard to start healthier habits which includes kicking soda to the curb so I need the caffiene or I will honestly crash at my desk! My weekend turned out nothing like I wanted. I spent Saturday & Sunday in bed with a migraine. So not fun! It was only by God’s grace that I made it through the funeral service on Saturday morning. It was tough b/c the AC wasn’t working and the church was packed which left me with absolutely no moisture in my mouth! I was really worried about how bad I would sound but it worked out! Praise God! So I’m really hoping I won’t spend the coming weekend the same way!

On a positive note I got back my last exam for Theology and I got a 97 baby! Woot! I so needed that boost of confidence. I forgot that I had to lead devotion last night in class until 15 minutes before class! And with a class full of wanna-be preachers it was a little intimidating. But luckily our passages are assigned by the liturgical calendar so I didn’t have to choose a passage out of then air. I got John 14:1-14 which was the passage where Jesus tells the disciples that He is going to prepare a place for them and Thomas immediately began asking questions. From this I took the angle that often times we get caught up asking so many questions that we forget who we are talking to. I know that even with my hysterectomy looming I find myself asking “God are you SURE this is what is suppose to happen?” “God WHY I am having to go through this?” or “God HOW is your plan going to work out?” In asking all these questions, I forget that I’m talking to my Creator and Redeemer and when I take the time to think about that I realize that my questions are pointless b/c I can stand on the promise that God not only has prepared a place for me but has also went before me to lay out His plans for my life which include a future and a hope. How awesome is that? While I know it may be a rocky road at times, I can rest in assurance that I am in the better hands!

I love hearing from you!

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